Love Star Mod APK 2.29 (Unlimited Stars)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 26/10/2023
Love Star Mod APK 2.29 (Unlimited Stars)
Name Love Star - Choices Story
Version 2.29
MOD Features Unlimited Stars
Size 151MB
Requires Android 6.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Pocket Story


You want to start a love story but don’t know how. Love Star Mod created and developed by the Pocket Story team is a great choice. When the game accurately simulates dating, chat by text messages. Unlike so many other games that build romances. There is an element of romance novels. The game only includes the most trivial things and extremely realistic details. There are sweet words from the subject, and pitfalls are set, but there will also be sincere words. It is important to be self-aware to distinguish. Wishing for players when participating in the experience to have the most authentic feeling of love. If good, it can be applied in practice. To create a relationship for yourself.

Download Love Star Mod – To Experience True Love Stories

The game market now has too many games built with emotional elements like this. But certainly very few games follow the same gameplay as Love Star Mod. Most are pre-built stories and then let players role-play. Not in reality, but in different situations. While here it is the player who decides everything. Create your own storyline. Everything revolves around the daily life of each person. Every problem encountered in today’s modern society is full of challenges, pressures, and interesting things. The important thing is still in the object, to get results in a relationship, both need to be satisfied with each other. Understanding of each issue has been built by the developer. Of course, in love, there is no shortage of lies and deceit.Game Love Star Mod

Built Content

The development of every situation in Love Star Mod is indicated by message lines. When two people talk to get to know each other through text, or chat conversations. The object with which the player will communicate has been prepared. Content will not be stopped, but feedback is needed for the story to continue. At first, everything was just basic greetings. Deeper, begin to talk and learn about each other’s interests. Or things encountered in life. The story asked about the dress or the animal, more than that with pictures to illustrate. Nothing too big, just the very simplest things in love. They can all become ideas that developers put into the game.Tai Love Star Mod

Social network Instagrum

Talking about Instagram, many people know it, but Instagrum is completely obscure. So that’s the social network created in Love Star Mod. Only when experiencing the game can one know and experience. Do not see that there is contempt. Players can completely post status lines, as usual, photos should not have any problems. It is important to know how to exploit the full function and purpose for which it was created. Promote your image so that you can become famous and known by many people. The relationship will become more open when there are many pursuers. But along with that a lot of problems are born. If you don’t do well, your image will be lost, but it’s not what you want.Download Love Star Mod

High Interoperability

Experience Love Star Mod players will be included in the chats. With chats of only two people. The first is the player and the second is the object that has been built by the developer with many different dialogues. The conversation can only continue when one of the two replies to the other. For players, there will also be suggestions available, the job is simply to choose one of two options. Each decision will be directly related to the end of the story. Can branch in different directions. Get a beautiful love or simply passerby. All are based on the answers that the player gives in each dialogue.Love Star Mod

Love Star Mod is a rebuilt version based on the original version. Some parts have been improved to bring the best experience for players. Get comfortable in colorful dating love stories. Typically, it is worth mentioning that the mod is infinite stars. In the game, stars can be said to be a means of shopping or increasing influence. There is nothing better than being increased to the limit without having to spend anything. Just enter the game to be able to own at a limited level. Even using it does not consume even a little.

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