Manor Cafe Mod 1.188.41 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/05/2024
Manor Cafe Mod {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Name Manor Cafe
Version v1.188.41
Size 142MB
MOD Features Menu, Vô Hạn Tiền
Support Android 4.4
Category Game, Puzzle
Price Free
Developers GAMEGOS


Join Manor Cafe now to experience owning a cafe. But not selling food, drinks, or business shops. But the player will have to find a way to rebuild the shop from the ruins. Starting when owning a coffee shop about to go bankrupt, everything was almost ruined, broken everywhere. Almost nothing can be reused, everything has to be renewed. Requiring players to try out games like match-3, and earn rewards. To have money to buy new items. Repair and refurbish the entire store. Arrange the most reasonable to create beauty, convenient for sale with the lowest price.

Download Manor Cafe Mod – Build Your Own Shop

The original shop when you enter to play Manor Cafe, although very old, the furniture is almost completely broken. But that’s why players need help to come up with plans to restore the store. See what is not needed, and throw it all away. Based on playing the match-3 game, try to overcome challenges to earn money. Start from inside the store, see what items are needed, then buy equipment right away. How many tables and chairs do buy is suitable for the area. The dispensing area is set how it is reasonable and convenient for serving. How to decorate. All must rely on calculations, players need to consider spending reasonably. Also don’t miss the outside of the store. Take advantage of them all, if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to try to build. Let’s create a brand new restaurant to attract as many customers.

Tai Manor Cafe Mod

Join the Mini-Game

Game Manor Cafe was created with the gameplay of building, and re-developing the shop. From dilapidated items, remodeled to put back into operation. And to have money to shop requires players to try mini-games. It’s the legendary match-3 game that has been storming for a while. Until now that genre has never been outdated, there are still many games to use for players to experience. But all are reworked to be more suitable with Manor Cafe Mod. Use images of food and drink to design moving blocks. Join the game, every time you finish eating the blocks, they will be converted to items used to upgrade the shop. As a decoration material to create the most gorgeous store.

Games Manor Cafe Mod

Unlock Delicious Food

A restaurant selling food cannot be without food. Manor Cafe has a huge menu with different foods and drinks. But it will be a challenge for players. To unlock the dishes to add to the menu takes a lot of hard work. Take the time to find new recipes. Guaranteed to be the largest store, meeting all customer requirements. Ready to serve anything when called, or ordered. Create variety to attract as many customers to enjoy.

Download Manor Cafe Mod

Graphics And Sound

The graphics of the Manor Cafe game are built by the publisher with colorful colors. Mix and match to create vivid, warm images to attract players. Equipment such as tables and chairs or decorations are carefully adjusted to each line. Make sure to get the most authentic view of a food and beverage outlet. Create the feeling of being immersed in being the owner of a store. In addition, the background sound is gentle but also full of fun. Makes anyone playing the game feel comfortable, and the mood is relaxed.

Manor Cafe Mod

Manor Cafe has a lot of items, all of which cost money. So to meet, players do not have to work hard enough to buy the necessary items. Necessary items to decorate the store, tables, and chairs to welcome guests. So this version is improved with unlimited money features. When entering the game will immediately have a huge amount of money. Comfortable to shop, refurbish the store to be gorgeous. The rest is simply thinking to come up with ideas. Realize those things, and create a shop that specializes in serving the desired food. A unique and creative shop to attract as many people as possible to admire.

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