MemesWars 2 Mod APK 1.1.30 (Menu, Immortal, Fly, Unlimited Levels)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/03/2024
MemesWars 2 Mod APK 1.1.30 (Menu, Immortal, Fly, Unlimited Levels)
Name MemesWars 2
Version v1.1.30
Size 102MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, Fly, Unlimited Level
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers ChaloApps


Do you want to enjoy a shooting game? Especially experienced in a large map? If you are ready, you can come to the game MemesWars 2 Mod. Built-in action shooter gameplay. Join in completely free online mode. Furthermore, the content opens according to the sandbox theme. Missions compete with shooters from all over the world. Show your survival skills to be able to destroy opponents. Aim to shoot down as many enemies as possible. From there, increase the kill score on the counting board. After the end of the battle, based on the achieved rank will receive bonuses and experience. Along with that, there are many other unique features waiting for you to discover. Promises to open up interesting battles.

Download MemesWars 2 Mod – Compete Online With Guns In Sandbox Mode

Follow the shooter gameplay built on the sandbox theme. MemesWars 2 Mod opens a fascinating war. You are free to explore everything and compete with other competitors. Through it, there are many different elements, equipment, and pets that can be used. Meaning free to fight in your own style. But it also requires the strategy that needs to be deployed to attack effectively. On the battlefield with the appearance of many different environments. From tall buildings to the inside of rooms. Or vacant land located in the suburbs with green lawns. There are many other environments for battles to take place.MemesWars 2 Mod

Real-time gameplay

The battles in the game MemesWars 2 Mod take place in real-time. Role-play as a gunman to participate in the battle. Your opponents are other online players. They are all powerful fighters from many parts of the world. Through the network connection to link the server system. You can then choose to enter the matches that are taking place in sandbox mode. Or get randomly involved in a fight. Compete with other opponents to find a way to destroy them. That will increase your kills on the leaderboard. After the timer reaches zero, the battle will end. Based on kills achieved among shooters. From there, whoever has the highest score wins. At the same time get bonuses and great experience points.Game MemesWars 2 Mod

Using vehicles and mounts

The process of shooting competition in the game MemesWars 2 Mod. Can freely deploy combat and perform various activities. Ride animals like horses, cats, and dinosaurs to move. Or control many vehicles such as cars of all kinds. It is even possible to drive military vehicles, moreover a helicopters to fly in the sky. That will increase the movement speed faster on the battlefield. Not only that, vehicles and mounts also play another important role. They are like defensive armor to help you increase your survival rate. For example before fierce attacks from enemies. If you are driving, you can limit a large amount of blood that will be lost. At the same time, take advantage of the vehicle in use to speed up and escape. From there you can protect yourself and not lose your life.Ear MemesWars 2 Mod

More than 15 guns and grenades

A variety of guns for you to use to attack. MemesWars 2 Mod provides a gun system with more than 15 types. Typical are pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, revolvers, and rifles. There are a number of other guns waiting for you to discover. Each gun has its own unique design. At the same time has an impressive attack style. For example pistols with high mobility, but only effective at close range. The revolver has the advantage of fast firing and flexible mid-range attack. Or sniper rifles can launch scopes to observe enemies from a distance. With the advantage of high accuracy, it is possible to shoot down enemies with just one bullet. Besides, grenades are also used to support combat. Throw it at an enemy and create an explosion, dealing massive damage.

Perform combat actions in MemesWars 2 Mod. Will have to use the control mechanism from the supply system. Navigate the character’s movement with joystick virtual keys. Change guns to attack diversely in all situations. Pick up an object on the ground and throw it at the enemy. Use the scope to enlarge the view, and can aim at the target from a distance. Or ride animals, and control vehicles to increase movement speed. All of the above elements are represented by their own characteristic symbols. You can make it easy to fight with other shooters.

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