Merge Archers Mod 1.5.5 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/05/2024
Merge Archers Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Merge Archers
Version v1.5.5
Size 105MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free


Merge Archers Mod is a game created and developed by the CASUAL AZUR GAMES team. With a very unique design when combining archery and goalkeeper genres. The game revolves around battles between two opposing factions, using bows and arrows to attack each other from afar. Joining the player will be in the role of a leader who has full control over everything. Winning or losing all depends on each decision made. When strongholds stand in one place, so does the enemy. In the game moving is almost impossible, the result must rely entirely on aiming. Be very careful with each attack, do not miss any opportunity. Kill all enemies with the goal of conquering all the strongholds. Prove your aiming ability.

Download Merge Archers Mod – Challenge All Enemies To Win The Entire Citadel

It can be seen that the design of Merge Archers Mod is quite simple. But don’t judge the whole game like that. The real challenge needs to be discovered, experienced, and then made to feel. What are you waiting for without downloading immediately to try? The game is built with a lot of battles for players to prove their abilities. When countless different levels are created with increasing difficulty. Enemies are constantly becoming stronger in both numbers and protective equipment. Not to mention the large shielding stronghold as well as being stronger when passing each level. It can be said that it is very difficult to win. Players are required to become stronger, constantly improving themselves. For each battle, try to merge the soldiers in a short time. Create stronger troops with shields to protect, high damage bows.Merge Archers Mod

Combat Method

Merge Archers Mod is designed with a very simple but interesting fighting method. When two factions set up to attack each other in turn. Not move the control attack freely like most other action games. In the game, when this team finishes shooting, the opponent is allowed to raise the bow. Enter the battle for each time you want to shoot, just aim and then release the rest, and the character will perform the action. In order to win, you need to destroy all the enemies so that you can aim properly. Do not pass up any opportunity that can completely turn the situation around. Losing can completely happen if you are not careful to increase your defense as well as attack. Or to miss the target for each turn.Download Merge Archers Mod

Increase Combat Strength of the Army

In Merge Archers Mod victory is decided by two things. The first is aiming, accurate calculation in each attack is extremely important that cannot be ignored. When it directly affects the results. But the rest is just as necessary. That is to increase the strength of the entire army. With a strong team, the achievement of victory is obvious. In the game, it is possible to do that by merging soldiers of the same type. Use the money earned when killing enemies from there constantly adding new people. Start with the bow holder but when combined the transformation will take place. Appropriate equipment will appear such as shields or hats. It is quite possible to block a few arrows when they fly in, thereby making a difference in numbersGame Merge Archers Mod

Graphic design

The graphics are designed to be simplified, and the Merge Archers Mod still creates a highlight that players cannot ignore. With a character created in the style of a stickman, but when merged, it can be completely changed. There is more equipment when going through the upgrade. Or the attack scene, sometimes up to hundreds of arrows in the sky. Feel like witnessing the real arrows being fired at your troops. Not to mention pinning the whole city or the character being hit. Only lost at the end of the match, bringing an indescribable feeling of authenticity. The stronghold in the form of 3D graphics is also very unique. Each match is a separate shape, big and small.Ear Merge Archers Mod

Merge Archers Mod is known as a remake based on the original game. But not so that change the interface as well as the way to play. But only adding some features to improve help for players. Can be mentioned as an unlimited money mod, extremely useful when experiencing. It offers a lot when it comes to maximum value for money. Free shopping, increase the strength of the army. Increase the win rate many times, ensuring every battle can destroy the enemy easily. Accordingly, breaking the game will become much easier. It is only a matter of sooner or later discovering all of it.

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