METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod APK 7.13.0 (Menu, Unlimited AP, Cooldown)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/11/2023
METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod APK 7.13.0 (Menu, Unlimited AP, Cooldown)
Version v7.13.0
Size 89MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited AP, Cooldown
Support Android 4.1
Category Strategy
Price Free


Bringing super products from the publisher SNK. METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod inspired by his predecessor. So right from the launch, it has been well received by many people around the world. Belongs to the tower defense strategy genre. It offers exciting battles in the classic pixel design. Everything is designed very nicely to create a highlight for players to remember forever. Tower defense battles retain their typical mechanics. That is, you have to show your strategy to stop the opponent’s attack. This time, different strategies can be given because there are dozens of special troops added in this version. Includes regular minions, minions with weapons, armor… Finally, need to combine them to give the army an advantage in any confrontation.

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod – Interesting Classic Strategy Game

It is no coincidence that METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod has such attraction. It has all the appeal of a tower defense strategy game. To keep players hooked for a long time. This version has been developed, creating more novelty than the previous version. In particular, the fierceness of the battles increased. At the same time, the number and type of soldiers and enemies were also pushed up. From there they bring more variety to the strategy. In addition, the enemy system is getting stronger and richer. Will cause you a lot of difficulty in defensive battles. But there are many points that remain the same, the game mechanics in general. It seems the player doesn’t have to do anything but tap the screen to locate troops and watch the battle unfold. Everything is always alive with eye-catching effects, and classic design.METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod

Explore classic defense missions

Bringing rich mode METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod offers a variety of missions to explore. Like ATTACK mode! Here the player has to liberate the army base. In addition, some other modes such as P.RESCUE, FIGHT SCHOOL, or TREASURY HUNT are also available. Each mode has its own rules and adds variety to the gameplay. So depending on the mode, the player will have to be flexible in his strategy. To gain an advantage over his enemies. The difficulty of the mission in each mode will increase continuously. Can’t miss the upgrade opportunities to progress further. Expand your journey and earn more loot.Game METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod

In the battle of METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod, there are many difficult things waiting for you. The main task is to command the army to defeat the enemy. The result will see a series of pre-installed soldier cards on the screen. Your task is to click on them to summon useful soldiers and add them to the battlefield. Each type of soldier has its own characteristics. If you want to use units effectively, you need to understand each of the strengths and limitations. Specifically, the game has unit types such as regular soldiers, special forces gunners, tanks, turrets, helicopters, battleships… Explore them all and combine them strategically to destroy all enemies. enemies during the invasion.

Graphics, sound

Like the previous version. METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod retains the same pixel layout. It vividly reproduces the fierce battlefield scene. The image of each warrior in the war is depicted as best as possible. In particular, the system of extremely good enemies includes machines, monsters, and even a terrible boss with a strange appearance. The effects in combat are also very noticeable. You can see the lights being projected onto the areas, Bringing to life the character’s every movement. These will hit your eyes for hours. Along with that is the attractive sound, creating a highlight for each battle that breaks METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod

So if you are a lover of strategy games. Then surely you will not want to miss the hit game METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod. Because it will bring players to participate in fierce defense battles. There you will have full control over the command of the army, choosing your own formation and attack style. So this is your chance to show off all your strategic skills. Fight the boss or fight with existing online players and win many great gifts.

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