Download My Hotpot Story MOD 2.6.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Max Level, High Rank, Free shopping) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 19/02/2024
My Hotpot Story MOD 2.6.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Max Level, High Rank, Free shopping)
Name My Hotpot Story
Version v2.6.1
Size 166MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Max Level, High Rank, Free shopping
Support Android 5.1
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers 零下七度


My Hotpot Story (My Hotpot Restaurant) is a game that simulates the work of a hot pot restaurant. Owned by you and also a high-class chef for hot pot dishes in the shop. You will have to create different hot pot dishes, new hot pot dishes with unique flavors. Of course, to cook these hot pot dishes, you need to have many different food ingredients. It is fresh meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. You will be planning your daily purchases accordingly. Next is the job of receiving customers, this is an important job to help attract customers to your store. When your hot pot restaurant is crowded, you need to hire and train more chefs and service staff.

That is a brief overview of the jobs that you will be doing when playing this hot pot restaurant management game. Are those interesting things enough to awaken your curiosity? Let’s continue to find out what has helped the hot pot cooking game cause a fever in the online community.

Download My Hotpot Story Mod – Manage and develop your “Hotpot Restaurant

My Hotpot Story is a game that simulates the work of a restaurant manager. And specifically, a chain of luxury “hot pot – grill” stores. This restaurant simulation game is still very HOT in the online community. Because the game has eye-catching, cute graphics, along with interesting gameplay. Hot pot dishes are no stranger to all of us in the cold winter. And make sure you have enjoyed it at a certain “Hotpot Shop” with your friends. But have you ever thought that you would own such a hot pot restaurant? Are you ready to run your Hotpot brand? Download the game and play as the boss, with everyone showing off this store management talent.

Download My Hotpot Story Mod-Tiệm lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc

How to make money in the game

Each of us will have our own way to manage our hot pot shop. But there are also tips to help the hot pot restaurant grow faster for new players. The first is that we need to complete the proposed tasks. Like other management games, the game will have a task list to make quick gold coins. We need to get the simplest things done first to make money for our restaurant right from the start.

Game My Hotpot Story is simulated quite similar to reality when there are up to 5 types of employees. Including: waitress, cashier, bartender, chef and receptionist. But the job of washing dishes is your own. So, make sure that the dishes are always clean on the shelves before the store opens. Then even if you are not present, other employees can still continue to make money for you. Another quite effective way is to regularly follow the pages that provide the My Hotpot Story code. You will have the opportunity to receive many attractive and free gifts. Or download the game My Hotpot Story Mod at here. You can shop for free and unlock them all to upgrade and develop the restaurant.

Although the complexity of the game is slightly higher than other games. But through the tutorial, you will understand the rules and how to play the game very quickly.

Tải My Hotpot Story Mod-Tiệm lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc

Design your own hot pot shop

Visit the shop in game My Hotpot Story to see what’s new and suitable for your hotpot shop. Regularly renew the look of your Hotpot hotpot restaurant so that customers come more often. The exterior decoration is eye-catching to attract new customers every day. The decoration of the dining hall in the store is gorgeous and more beautiful than that. So that customers will stay here longer, which means they will spend more on your hotpot restaurant. The kitchen design is spacious and scientific so that the chefs have the most effective working space.

Each individual will have a unique aesthetic style to create a unique “My Hotpot Restaurant“. If you love ancient Chinese culture, start with a sign with the store’s name in Chinese. Characteristic curved tile roof with 2 parallel sentences in front of the door. Inside are furniture such as tables and chairs, curtains, doors, bowls and chopsticks… Most of them will be made of wood with other unique motifs. Or vice versa, you love the beauty of European restaurant style. It will be a brighter color, along with sleek, modern details.

Game My Hotpot Story Mod-Tiệm lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc

Lots of fun activities

When your Hotpot brand has become famous. You need to expand the size and area of the store in My Hotpot Story Mod. Not only serving traditional hot pot combos anymore, you can also serve more expensive buffet combos to increase sales. A carousel is in the center of the lobby with delicacies on display. Will attract a lot more young and potential customers. 1 more direction that will surely be taken by many people. That is opening more coffee and beverage services, a fashion store. A large stage in the center of the restaurant with artistic activities such as circus performance, magic or music dance. All are neatly located in your Hotpot Restaurant”. This will definitely be the destination of families who want to spend money on the weekend. Or a dreamy place for couples to date. And you will quickly become a rich boss and mistress.

Hack My Hotpot Story Mod-Tiệm lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc

To quickly become more successful in this game. Let’s download My Hotpot Story Mod Unlocked all to get rare privileges. Began to become a manager of a famous food and beverage chain. The game will help you have real experience in managing and operating restaurant and hotel services. In addition, you will enjoy and know how to prepare delicious food. Especially about Chinese food.

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