Ninja Hands Mod 0.6.0 (Menu, All unlocked, Unlimited money, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/02/2024
Ninja Hands Mod 0.6.0 (Menu, All unlocked, Unlimited money, No Ads)
Name Ninja Hands
Version v0.6.0
Size 78MB
MOD Features Menu, All unlocked, Unlimited money, No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Yso Corp


Are you a fan of ninjas, an organization that actually existed in the history of Japan? There are many movies, cartoons, and comics that have exploited as well as built the image of this force. To better understand the ninja team Yso Corp has released Ninja Hands Mod game. For lovers to experience becoming a real ninja. By transforming into a character in the game with a first-person perspective. Experience the feeling of manually performing secret techniques to attack the enemies. By changing the pre-designed hand styles that appear at the top of the screen. Like what the famous naruto anime movie is to be able to transfer ninjutsu. Creates the most powerful attacks, accurately aiming at enemies attacking you.

Download Ninja Hands Mod – Become a Real Ninja

The origin of the ninja was created to assassinate, and carry out secret missions. So there are a lot of special moves, used to hide, attack quickly as well as cover people’s eyes. Ninja Hands Mod is a redesigned game with many different secret techniques. For the purpose of letting anyone try the feeling of becoming a shinobi at least once. Be able to manually control the character to perform much ninjutsu, and execute moves. Although the skill has been built by the publisher, it still needs the player to perform. Control the aim properly so the enemy then attacks. As the bad guys, the evil organization specializes in influencing innocent people. And like a ninja, the player needs to quickly complete the mission and must remember that the secret must come first. Do not hesitate to download the game now to experience it,Download Ninja Hands Mod

Simple Gameplay

The gameplay of Ninja Hands Mod is also quite simple. When participating in the game, players will have the opportunity to participate in countless battles. Carry out the mission to destroy and wipe out the evil organizations. By controlling the character, when encountering an enemy, quickly deploy a move to attack. Follow the pre-designed instructions that appear right on the phone screen. Press in a certain order to be able to perform the human technique. Depending on the player’s combination, the attack will be launched with different moves. But there is an important point that the game requires the player to aim properly at the enemy. As with movement, it is completely skill-based.Game Ninja Hands Mod

Build With Many Levels

Ninja Hands Mod is designed for players with countless different battles to try. Experience becoming a ninja to perform various Jutsu. It feels like being a real ninja. To fight with evil forces, powerful enemies. According to certain levels, gradually increase the strength from low to high. Every match, you will have to face new enemies. But don’t give up, although it will be difficult later on, that creates a challenge that can test the player’s talent. For players to demonstrate their control ability and acumen in combat. As well as getting stronger over time, with the spirit of never giving up.Tai Ninja Hands Mod

Graphics, Sound Effects

The graphics that Ninja Hands Mod builds are simply 2D. But the careful and meticulous design exudes the image of true ninjas. With the skills when developing, the game maker has worked hard to build. Create beautiful effects that attract the eyes of the player, creating excitement. In addition to highlighting the game are the techniques when performing very realistic hand movements. Characters are designed according to chibi patterns. Making fighting, action, and killing games but bringing a cute look. Sound is also a plus, with fun soundtracks. Increase your fighting spirit, even if you lose, don’t give up.Ninja Hands Mod

Ninja Hands Mod is a version that has added some features such as unlimited money, and no ads. Helping players can more easily buy the necessary items. To ensure that victory is always within reach. Or do not advertise to prevent players from being disturbed as well as to avoid slowing down. Because if you use the original, it is very likely that you are fighting, in the decisive time, the ads will appear again. Very influential for the outcome of the matches. Let players get annoyed by appearing too many times.

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