PUBG Mobile MOD APK 2.9.0 (Menu, Auto headshot, ESP, No recoil)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 10/11/2023
PUBG Mobile MOD APK 2.9.0 (Menu, Auto headshot, ESP, No recoil)
Name PUBG Mobile
Version 2.9.0
MOD Features Menu, Auto headshot, ESP, No recoil
Size 806MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Tencent Games


For those who are passionate about shooting, no one is a stranger to PUBG Mobile MOD APK. A top adventure shooter game, always holding the top of the charts for a long time. The attractive and new gameplay has created a large number of players. Thrilling game phases with fierce gun battles. Concentrate on killing each enemy to become the winner. Many Streamers have experienced and given extremely good reviews. So why are you still hesitating without downloading and experiencing the PUBG Mobile now.

Download PUBG Mobile Mod – Survival fighting bravery

On an airplane transporting hundreds of people. The players continuously parachute to land in different positions. What you need to do when you get to the player’s ground is to quickly get yourself armor, weapons, ammunition and especially guns. PUBG Mobile hack is very fair to all players, the starting time and circumstances are the same. Those who are quick will have strong items, who have good skills, have a high chance of winning. The script and images are super attractive, built in a simple way. Create a dramatic, engaging and engaging combat atmosphere.

Dowload PUBG MOBILE mod

Simple gameplay

The most impressive feature of game PUBG Mobile is the feature that automatically opens the door and picks up the gun. Moving and aiming is extremely easy with virtual keys to control on the screen. It’s not as difficult to remember each shortcut as the PC version. Actions such as drinking water, jumping or dressing are also designed in a convenient way. With the mobile version, there are also new mechanisms such as climbing rank according to the season, making friends or bonuses. We can choose to play ranked mode to be able to confirm our position through the rankings. There is also a Zoombie shooting mode, a continuous respawn mode. A lot of different modes for us to choose to play with friends.

Weapon variety

Whatever game you play, in addition to skills, one thing that makes it easy to win is weapons. The weapon in PUBG Mobile Mod is an extremely important thing, accounting for 80% of the win rate. So we will have a very diverse list of weapons that can be picked up. Shotguns, AWMs or submachine guns like the MP5… If you want a completely different feel, try rifles. In addition to guns, other items such as helmets and armor are also extremely important. Take the time to find and equip yourself with the strongest and most optimal weapons.

Weapons, items and equipment have been reworked to be 100% identical to the original. Items such as hats, armor, backpacks are divided into 3 different levels; The higher the level, the more armor and capacity. Soft drinks can help heal and speed up running… creating a very realistic feeling when playing.


Map system, rich game modes

Talking about the terrain map system of ver hack PUBG Mobile, it is difficult for any game to compare. All types of terrain from desert to rain forest. If you still feel bored, you can enjoy the snowy terrain. Each map will have different terrains and scenes. So players have a flexible plan to move and fight depending on the terrain. Take advantage of all terrain advantages and means of transportation to be able to win. Driving in the game PUBG Mobile is not too difficult but requires agility and care. Pay attention to the obstacles so you don’t get stuck somewhere.


Graphics and Sound

It is not wrong that PUBG Mobile Mod is the top game of the games with the best graphics investment. Because of the super cool 3D design and large maps with diverse terrains. Every little detail of the terrain is carefully invested by the manufacturer. Making images so realistic, that we have the feeling of immersing ourselves in the character and moving on real terrain. Sharply depicted 3D colors attract players’ eyes.

If only there were beautiful graphics like the red hibiscus flower without fragrance. Combined with quality picture is extremely vivid sound. The sound of gunfire, the sound of driving or even the sound of footsteps create a feeling of excitement and drama. The further you stand, the sound of bullets will also be quieter, giving us the most realistic feeling.


With the Mod features of this PUBG Mobile game, you will experience the recoillessness of the weapons you pick up. Every weapon will have a different recoil, so if the recoil returns to 0, the probability of accurately hitting the opponent will increase. Aimbot will help you see your opponent anywhere in the map and can prepare for a strategy. And free health will give you a lot of advantages in this battle for survival.

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Auto headshot, ESP, No recoil) 2023

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