Download Punchy Race Mod APK 8.10.0 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 25/01/2024
Punchy Race Mod APK 8.10.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Punchy Race
Version v8.10.0
Size 56MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free


With a combination of boxing and racing in Punchy Race Mod. Open up an exciting journey for you to enjoy. Enjoy the fun gameplay, along with the addiction when going through the matches. Diverse mission system, taking place at each level. Along with a series of difficult challenges are waiting ahead. Competition between opponents to find out which character can win. Accordingly, the content of the game revolves around stickman characters. Do not stop running to collect the dumbbells. From the difference in the color of each character collect exercise items of the corresponding color. From there, grow yourself to have superior strength. Can break through the defense by the prison stickman. Defeat them and enjoy the resounding victory.

Download Punchy Race Mod – Boxing Game Combine Running To Reach The Finish

Get ready to participate in the matches in Punchy Race Mod. Aim to win the boxing championship belt against other opponents. Follow the simple gameplay but bring the fun. You will be accompanied by a stickman boxing fighter, with its own distinctive color. The task of developing strength is to be able to fight with other stickman opponents. By collecting dumbbells of the same color as yourself. Thereby increasing strength and developing larger body size. Can beat opponents to create an advantage and increase the winning rate. To be able to win will have to defeat the stickman prisoners on the final road. At the same time, make sure that the boxer reaches the finish line with the lead position. Then will receive the bonus and enter the new match.Punchy Race Mod

Quests by level, increasing difficulty

With challenges that take place according to the content of Punchy Race Mod. The mission system is very diverse, recreated according to each level of play. At each level of participation, the content revolves around the competition between stickman boxers. They will compete against each other by collecting dumbbells. Then aim for the finish line with the top position to win. Accordingly, it will have to go through a challenging process. With the difficulty created by the opponents.

After completing a mission, it is possible to end a match. From there will continue to step to more difficult levels. With the change of terrain, divided into several arenas. The same number of competitors will increase more than before. Reduces the number of sports items to collect. As well as the ability of the opponent to be significantly improved.Game Punchy Race Mod

Collect unique dumbbells

The process of the match of Punchy Race Mod on a large arena. With the appearance of dumbbells with colors corresponding to stickman opponents. They are arranged in different positions for boxers to collect. Accordingly, the level will be increased to improve superior strength. But you need to make sure to collect enough weight to level up. Especially after each new level, more weight will be needed to continue to grow. Increase your size of yourself, thereby creating an advantage over other opponents.Tai Punchy Race Mod

Rules for fighting prisoners

In the increasingly difficult challenges in the missions of Punchy Race Mod. A match is also divided into several stages. Each stage will open a new arena. To pass will have to resist the obstruction of stickman prisoners in the way. Accordingly, each level you gain will be reduced after defeating a prisoner. For example, reaching level 4 will be reduced to 3 after defeating a level 1 prisoner. Accordingly, it does not need to be too high to win. Instead, it will just be enough, because even if you are stronger than other boxers. But if they reach the finish line first, you will still lose.

Note the levels

On the arena of Punchy Race Mod through missions. You are not the only boxer. Remember that the remaining opponents will find a way to knock you down. Make all the time you spend collecting possible dumbbells zero. Accordingly, it is necessary to avoid higher-level opponents. Because their power will be greater and defeat you easily. Likewise, when your level is higher. Can chase to attack and defeat. Then all the sports items they collected will be lost.Download Punchy Race Mod

There are many different skins provided by Punchy Race Mod. From there will change the appearance of the stickman boxer in the arena. The difference between the skins is shown in the beginning. For example bearded man-style puncher, pumpkin head, Santa Claus, bullfighter, and many more. Want to unlock a new skin will have to use the money to buy it.

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