Racing Go Mod 1.9.7 (Free Shopping, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/05/2024
Racing Go Mod {{version}} (Free Shopping, Unlocked)
Name Racing Go - Free Car Games
Version v1.9.7
Size 359MB
MOD Features Free Shopping, Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Wolves Interactive


Enjoy exciting car races in Racing Go Mod. Get ready for the competition between racers. Through a lot of different games, modes enjoy fascinating racing themes. Your task is to complete different challenges in each race. The ultimate goal is to win against other racers. Accordingly, when participating in the game, the publisher will provide many features. From new improved graphics, with high quality to increased vibrancy. Until the effect when the car is operating on the road, the reproduction is very impressive. Along with that is a diverse vehicle system that is unlocked to bring a different driving experience. Moreover, you will earn a bonus after the races. When you accumulate enough, you can use it for shopping.

Download Racing Go Mod – Speedy Car Race With Dramatic Competition

The gameplay of Racing Go Mod is similar to other racing games. Unleash road races in multiple game modes. Control your racing car to participate in speed races. Make the most of the vehicle’s performance to keep moving forward. Go through dangerous turns and emergency turns on each road. The goal is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible and complete it in the shortest time. Become the racer with the best performance. When it is possible to reach the finish line with the lead position. From there complete the assigned task to win. Also, receive valuable bonuses to accumulate, the amount corresponding to your racing achievements.Racing Go Mod

More than 200 online quests

Follow the online game mode of the game Racing Go Mod. More than 200 different missions revolve around competition between racers. Accordingly, it will have to fulfill the conditions given in each race. Here you can invite friends or other players. Then join the fierce competition on the road. Show the skills of a professional racer to overcome opponents. As well as leaving them behind to get closer to the finish line. Try to win convincingly against online racers. Then continue the mission in the next races. Get a chance to meet new players with superior skills and experience. Making the competition even more dramatic, it is difficult to become the leader.Tai Racing Go Mod

More than 750 missions take place in 9 game modes

More than 750 diverse missions are provided by Racing Go Mod. Each mission opens up races in many different game modes. With 9 unique game modes for you to enjoy. Including daily challenges, online racing, career, endless racing, free driving, etc. There are some other modes that will be explored in detail after participating. Depending on the mode, there will be many missions to test your skills. Present yourself as a professional racer to complete every challenge. Enjoy the thrill of each mode with unique racing content. Constantly improve skills and improve the experience to be able to win with excellent achievements.Racing Go Mod

Multiple racing maps and environments

The races in Racing Go Mod open up many different maps. Set in famous cities like Paris, London, Moscow, Los Angeles, and more. Each city opens up unique racing routes. The diversity of terrain will be changed, taking place in many areas. That difference is also reflected in the landscape and surrounding environment. Besides, environmental conditions are used according to 3 different factors. Includes daylight, night, and sunset. Going through the races, you will in turn explore the cities with realistic tracks.

Unlock 12 racing vehicles

There are 12 cars designed by Racing Go Mod based on real life. Each car is shaped in its own unique style. With differences in shape, color, and assembled parts. Especially expressed through the ability to operate. Reviewed in detail through the specifications. Typical are the car’s top speed, outstanding acceleration, speed after using nitro, and control. To be able to unlock a new race car or a favorite car. Will have to use the money to unlock it, the amount to buy each vehicle will not be the same. Accumulating and choosing the desired car will help you get more inspired.Download Racing Go Mod

To improve the performance of the racing car you own in Racing Go Mod. Will have to upgrade features like the engine, brakes, turbo, tires, nitro, and handling. Each feature of the car plays a very important role. For example, the engine after upgrading will help race cars reach a higher top speed. Or the tires will improve the friction for better grip. From there, it will operate effectively after performing risky drifting techniques to drift on the road.

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