Snipers vs Thieves Mod APK 2.14.40961 (Unlimited Ammo, Marker)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 30/09/2023
Snipers vs Thieves Mod APK 2.14.40961 (Unlimited Ammo, Marker)
Name Snipers vs Thieves
Version 2.14.40961
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo, Marker
Size 245MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Playstack


Bringing a super fun strategy game. Snipers vs Thieves Mod is a place where hide and seek takes place in many different ways. The game includes many interesting modes to explore. Each mode will bring a lot of fun in different ways. You can play as a thief trying to escape from assassins. With a bag full of money on his back. Or play as a talented sniper for justice. With the mission to catch the robbers. Each role has its own opposing goals and strategies. Play alone or with friends and participate in more exciting matches than ever before. Thief or sniper? Choose the most suitable role and use strategy to win.

Download Snipers vs Thieves Mod – Fun Hidden Shooting Game

Snipers vs Thieves Mod is an interesting choice for all players. Especially those who like the humorous style. As the name suggests, the plot of the game is about the confrontation between sniper assassins and thieves. It plays out like a popular game of hiding and seeking. The game is larger and more competitive. Join, can transform into the person you want, or can play alone in the team and freely choose the map. After a series of choices, you will immediately enter a game. But skill and intelligence are essential issues. You will need to do both well to conquer the game. Whether a thief or a skilled sniper, skills are importantgame Snipers vs Thieves Mod

Explore unique modes

Snipers vs Thieves Mod brings 4 modes, for players to explore freely. But you have to choose between a sniper and a thief. Each character has a quest and their own fun.

If you are a sniper: Here, you have to hunt down the thief before they escape with a huge bag of money on their back. You have the right to use a sniper rifle. And no need to move. But there must be accurate shots. To kill as many thieves as possible. Can compete with other gamers to see who is the best poacher. Or play alone and complete the quests. Complete each assigned task together. Use your sniper gun to kill all thieves in every mode.

If you are a thief: Contrast with sniper. Then your biggest task is to steal money from the bank successfully. And escaped without getting caught. To do this you need to know how to hide, move and combine with your teammates. There are many obstacles on the way and dozens of places for you to hide. Such as cars, buildings, trees, traffic signs… The important thing is how to move through these obstacles without being chased. Because snipers appear everywhere. In addition, you will not only hide but also provoke your enemies with funny Snipers vs Thieves Mod

Unlock skins and weapons

Snipers vs Thieves Mod has a store in it. Where you will find a lot of essentials. Includes more than 20 different weapons. Here come the most powerful sniper rifles. Rated from common to rare and legendary. Better weapons have higher stats. It is possible to upgrade them to improve the stats. Thereby increasing the advantage in the battle. In addition to weapons, you can also find grenades. The game offers unique skins, colors, and bags that should not be missed. You can find ninja masks, kwebbelkop, demon masks, and joker masks… Moreover, customize the thief or sniper character with the signature colors. With such an inventory, the opportunity to combine and create many different styles is essential.tai Snipers vs Thieves Mod

3D graphics with close design

Snipers vs Thieves Mod revolves around the theme of shooting and stealing. So very familiar and highly entertaining to everyone. That’s thanks to the sharp 3D design style. It vividly depicts the characters with a humorous appearance. Along with crazy dances. In addition, the impact of gunfire, bomb explosions, collisions, etc. is very noticeable. The setting of the game is unique in a day-night cycle. Each type of weather will bring different interesting things.Snipers vs Thieves Mod

With Snipers vs Thieves Mod, players can become the most skilled thief. Or the best sniper. Character choice is up to you. Experience and participate in crazy quests. Hide or shoot. Work with your teammates to win. What are you waiting for, let’s join together?

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