Download Super Tower Warriors Mod APK 988 (Immortal) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 08/12/2022
Super Tower Warriors Mod APK 988 (Immortal)
Name Super Tower Warriors
Version v988
Size 128MB
MOD Features Immortal
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Bravery Games


Super Tower Warriors Mod is an action game. Created and developed by the Bravery Games team. The game gives players the opportunity to become a knight. With a unique combat gameplay that promises to be a great choice of entertainment in your spare time. Join and choose a character to start the journey. Carrying on himself the responsibility, the mission of the whole kingdom. Giving up was impossible in the name of a knight. For up, only moving forward to fight, against the evil forces, can there be a ray of hope. Challenge yourself on skyscrapers filled with dangerous monsters and traps. Aim for the highest point with the goal of conquering all the towers. Find a way to protect the peace of the kingdom.

Download Super Tower Warriors Mod – Transform into a Knight to Fight Against Monsters

In Super Tower Warriors Mod, players will have to start by choosing a character. The game is built a lot, but it needs to be unlocked. After entering the challenge, we see that the task that the game creates is extremely large. In the form of towers according to each different gate. Form a mandatory note, unless you can pass the previous level to proceed. The difficulty is also continuously increasing until the end. And players participating in the game will not be able to skip any stage, the goal is to conquer all. Transform into many people to fight with many monsters. Game with special gameplay, jump to get to the top with the goal of finding a way out. While monsters will not stop attacking in various ways. At the same time, sharp traps appear in a row full of surprises.Super Tower Warriors Mod

Character Unlock

In Super Tower Warriors Mod, players can not only own each character. With its variety, the game design should be up to four people. There are two men and two women, each with their own characteristics. In addition to appearance, there are also strengths, advantages as well as weapons. In which no one is the strongest, everyone is good at one aspect. The decision to win or lose will depend on the player’s ability too much. Other effects are considered supplementary factors only. Of course, it also helps if used appropriately. The game can optionally choose a character before each level but will need to be unlocked. Try to earn money to own it all.Game Super Tower Warriors Mod

Variety of Monsters

Each level that Super Tower Warriors Mod brings will bring its own challenges. To be more specific, it is monsters, they will not stop attacking the player. Construction game with many types of spoiled for players to explore. Challenge your abilities when faced with creatures of great power. As you progress further in the towers, there will be more and more scary types. Not only can it fly like a dragon, but it also knows how to breathe fire, which is very difficult to approach to destroy. So it doesn’t matter if you encounter a monster with thorns, jump quickly and pass. Attacking is impossible not to be too greedy and make yourself lose your life. Requirements in the game to survive through the gate need to be prioritized above all.Tai Super Tower Warriors Mod

Dangerous Traps

Super Tower Warriors Mod in addition to having a variety of scary monsters that prevent stepping out, there are also pitfalls. A passive thing that doesn’t have the ability to attack but is extremely dangerous. Randomly generated across challenges. Form enough scary obstacles. Total loss of life can happen if you don’t need to jump in or hit them. Joining, we will see that the player’s monsters can also use swords to slash. Like chainsaws or arrows, it’s almost impossible to destroy no matter how much we attack. A device that is fixed or cyclically movable. There are always signs to recognize, so be careful when participating in challenges that can definitely be overcome.Download Super Tower Warriors Mod

Super Tower Warriors Mod is built with highly dangerous gameplay. Giving up requires a lot of skill as well as prudence. When participating in the challenge, players not only have to jump continuously to avoid being bats but also have to fight. It’s never easy to do two things at the same time. But the requirements are set like that, only passing can win. Know difficult with many people new version added an immortal mod feature. Aim to give the character the ability to live forever. Conquering the towers will become easy. Can’t be killed, and players are free to fight toward the end.

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