Survival Master 3D Mod APK 1.8.4 (Unlimited Resources)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/11/2023
Survival Master 3D Mod APK 1.8.4 (Unlimited Resources)
Name Survival Master 3D
Version v1.8.4
Size 92MB
MOD Features Unlimited Resources
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


Survival Master 3D Mod is created and developed by the Lion Studios team. Built with extremely interesting survival gameplay. When the game will take the player on a deserted island full of difficulties. Material deprivation due to no human existence. There is only one way to survive, to preserve life. That is the sole purpose of the game. It’s based on what’s available. In nature, there is no shortage of usable things. For example, the game has designed a lot of plants that can be eaten, or many different animals. High and low, big and small enough. Can climb, throw stones to get fruit, or design specialized tools, and hunting traps. Although it is quite rudimentary, the effect is extremely good. It is important to the player to see where the ability goes.

Download Survival Master 3D Mod – Challenge Your Ability To Survive Alone On The Desert Island

The genre of survival games is now quite diverse when there are many games created. But the most pristine as well as the most realistic is Survival Master 3D Mod. When it is possible to have an accident at sea. But what is it like to be lost on a deserted island? The game will give you the most realistic look. In the game, players will find that the surrounding is empty. Only trees and trees are surrounded by the vast ocean. Escape is impossible. But you can’t cross your arms and wait for death. Be a wise man, find a way to survive. When creativity is limitless, don’t hesitate to show the possibilities. There are many things that can be used as food. For example, fish can use a sharp spike, just throw them to be able to catch. Or the fruit on the tree,Game Survival Master 3D Mod

Many kinds of food

Survival Master 3D Mod is built with survival gameplay on a deserted island. Meanwhile, what can sustain human life is food. So that’s a prerequisite. In response, the game designed many types of spoiled for players to explore and try. The first thing to mention is the plant with a lot of fruit trees. In which coconut water is extremely good, bananas are used as food. Or you can grow your own when you collect seeds. Next are animals, typically among them, fish can be considered the easiest to catch. When living in large puddles or seas is an inexhaustible resource. Not to mention the small ones that don’t even have the ability to attack back.Tai Survival Master 3D Mod

Crafting Tools

To live on a deserted island in Survival Master 3D Mod is not an easy thing. There can be a lot of things that are designed to be exploitable as well as usable. But getting it or not is another matter. Tall trees or fish in the water can’t be caught by hand. But players will need to make their own suitable tools. Not that anything is too modern, even the opposite is just simple things. Like a sharp blade, it can be used as a weapon. Or the fire, which is indispensable for cooking as well as illuminating in the dark. There are many other things. All of them can be crafted with pre-designed instructions in the game.Survival Master 3D Mod

Fight Against Pirates

Survival Master 3D Mod does not only bring difficulties to survival. But also to be attacked by pirates, an extremely dangerous enemy on all seas. Willing to kill anyone if not satisfied. And players will certainly not be able to escape that. Only by fighting is there a way to survive. But the game does not attack in a control style, here will use drawing to come out and fight. With the position of two people will be arranged, only the sword hand can move. How to swing the sword will match the page of characters that the player can write on the board displayed on the screen. Speed ​​also depends on that.Download Survival Master 3D Mod

Survival Master 3D Mod is a newly recreated version, which has some more features. Not to mention an unlimited resource mod. Is a very useful thing, creating a lot of materials that players do not have to work hard to find. Right from the start of the game, everything will reach its limit, almost unchanged no matter how much you use it. Allow players to express their creativity with a variety of tools. Making construction is also easy, while normally collecting materials is extremely difficult. When requesting a very large quantity.

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