TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.35 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/10/2023
TerraGenesis Mod APK 6.35 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Name TerraGenesis - Space Settlers
Version v6.35
Size 160MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Support Android 6.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Tilting Point


Are you a lover of science fiction, and want to learn about the vast universe? So TerraGenesis Mod is a great choice to meet that need. The game was created by the Tilting Point team, with the aim of giving players the experience of exploring the universe. You will become one of those who specialize in conquering planets. The person who directly contacts each planet to renovate them. Build worlds, with enough conditions for living things to exist. By new technologies, and modern science. You are like a savior, nurturing care for the planets. Always make sure to get the best environment for living things to thrive.

Download TerraGenesis Mod – Create Life-Ending Planets

Experience TerraGenesis Mod players will be able to build the planets themselves. Initially, when participating in the game, there will be four planets to choose from. Those are Mars, Moon, Venus, and Ragnarok the closest planets to earth. There will be suggestions given for newbies. The guide supports what needs to be done to renovate a planet with full conditions. Get the right environment where everything is developed. For example, it is necessary to ensure suitable water and air sources to provide for a large number of organisms. Or temperature or nature, all must be in a state for humans to survive. Create countless lives, take care of, and nurture many developing planets. To become places similar to the earth, qualified for humans to live. Begin to create a new future for mankind,TerraGenesis Mod

How to Create a Living Planet

First when participating in the game TerraGenesis Mod. Players need to choose for themselves a specific planet. Each place has its own characteristics, but after renovation, people must be able to live in it. It is necessary to ensure conditions based on factors such as water, and oxygen. Habitability developing organisms, pressure, temperature, and biomass. With high technologies, scientific potential is available. Sow the planets with seeds that have been bred to live in all conditions. Begin the process of creating life. So that people can move forward to live and develop. Based on technology from which to exploit all kinds of resources. Making materials to meet the needs of developing as many planets. But always make sure that it does not affect the environment.Tai TerraGenesis Mod

Ecosystem Diversity

TerraGenesis Mod with building gameplay, renovating dead planets to regain life. It could be said to create a place almost like the earth. A place where every living thing can thrive. Let’s sow a lot of seeds to create trees that provide oxygen as well as plants to ensure food and habitat for animals. Or bacteria, following a particular evolutionary cycle. Will spawn different animals from reptiles to carnivores or herbivores. All of that with a single purpose to create a wonderful ecosystem, a paradise for all kinds of living things.Game TerraGenesis Mod

Treasure of Knowledge

TerraGenesis Mod is not simply a game. It stimulates the evolution of the planets. So it will bring useful knowledge and related things about the universe. A place where humans have only exploited a very small part. Or the game is designed with a data warehouse, spoiled for players to read and learn. All are practical physical knowledge about the development of organisms in different environments. You will be the one to decide the life of a planet, so learn a lot. Make sure to renovate the planet with all necessary living conditions.Download TerraGenesis Mod

Like many games, TerraGenesis Mod also created value for money of its own. There will be items to own that need to pay a certain amount. Players need to try a lot to expect to own a little bit of property. To buy items needed to serve certain tasks. To avoid that situation, help players get the best experience. So the game has been improved with unlimited money features. Unlock to get the most out of the game’s features, such as planets. Completely unrestricted.

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