Whatcraft Mod APK 63 (Menu, Unlimited money, free shopping)

By genzvnmod Leader - Latest update: 30/09/2023
Whatcraft Mod APK 63 (Menu, Unlimited money, free shopping)
Name Whatcraft 2D survival
Version 63
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, free shopping
Size 34MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher erow.dev


Whatcraft Mod is a game built on survival gameplay. With 2D graphics designed in classic pixel style. The game is created and developed by the erow.dev team. Aim to challenge players to live in a large open world. In a desolate forest, there is no life of a second human, surrounded by trees and dangerous animals. And they won’t pass up an opportunity to attack. Any time you leave a loophole, there is a possibility that it will cost you your life. Therefore, players will need to quickly find a way to create weapons and create suitable items. The first is to ensure life, be able to find food, and protect themselves. Avoid being attacked without resistance. Prove that you can survive under any circumstances.

Download Whatcraft Mod – Try To Survive to Explore The Big Open World

The real survival genre is no longer strange to many people because a lot of games in this genre were born early. But don’t ignore Whatcraft Mod like that. I firmly believe that the game will bring a whole new experience. A game built on phones with extremely light capacity. Almost compatible with any smartphone. The gameplay also does not lose interest in the survival genre. The game will still create challenges for players to have the best experience. Challenge yourself with countless craftable items. For example, weapons from close range to bow and arrow can be attacked from a distance. Shirts, pants, costumes, and items for daily life. It all helps, increasing the odds of survival in the harsh world. Just need to get enough required necessary materials to be able to create. As simple as wood or stone, just pay attention and you will see.Game Whatcraft Mod

Unlimited Adventure

Because it is a survival game, as long as you are alive, you can still have an adventure. Whatcraft Mod is built with an extremely large map. If you think that you can go away in a moment, that thinking is entirely wrong. The game is designed in an area that is almost impossible to go all the way. Feel free to create a playground for players to explore and reach new lands—completely unfamiliar locations with new plants, terrain, and creatures. Maybe the puddle is covered with snow, if you’re lucky, you can also meet mysterious labyrinths. They can be considered dungeons, when entering they are almost isolated from the outside world. As long as you can survive the adventure, the player’s journey when experiencing the game will never end.Download Whatcraft Mod

Crafting Gameplay

Whatcraft Mod is like many other survival games. When entering the game will start from two empty hands, only each character. And players, if they want to survive in a world with many dangers, will need to craft items. The game will have a lot of items from tools for living, and self-defense to weapons. But of course, in order to be able to craft, it is impossible to ignore the search for the necessary materials. The quantity has been specified with each item, just pointing at it can know the information. It’s not too difficult, everything exists everywhere. Just as stone can only be picked up from a large stone, so wood needs to be cut down. Or some special thing that can be obtained when killing animals. Do not give up, try to create a variety of items. Make sure life in the big world becomes easier.Whatcraft Mod

Fighting for surviving

Human life will never get a second chance. In Whatcraft Mod too, if you die everything will end, and have to start with everything completely new. But the game is in the survival genre, so there is no shortage of dangers. Only actively making weapons, ready to fight at all times, can hope to have a chance to survive. Before the attack of the animals, there are also mysterious creatures higher up. It is also possible to confront the powerful beings that exist in the dungeons. So only struggle and preparation can survive in this wild world with many mysteries.Whatcraft Mod

Whatcraft Mod is improved with a special feature that is unlimited money. Make a game easier to challenge players. When entering the game for the first time, there is a huge amount of money immediately. Just something needed that players can completely own immediately. When the game really has too many items that can be exchanged for money. If absolutely necessary the player can purchase the entire store. There is nothing to worry about, just find it good for survival challenges in the game can buy. Create your own collections and achievements.

Download Whatcraft 2D survival MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, free shopping) 2023

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