ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD 1.84.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/05/2024
ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Version v1.84.0
Size 130MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free


ZOMBIE HUNTER is a shooting action game about zombie monsters and apocalypse. Derived from a Z vaccine advertised by the manufacturer as being able to resist all viruses in this world. Everyone believed and scrambled to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Don’t know that it’s just a drama for money. And the other magic Z vaccine is extremely dangerous that the manufacturer itself cannot control later. Playing the role of a wise man, you and a few people were not seduced. And fortunately not infected with that cruel Z virus. You and the other survivors must pick up their guns and fight to stay alive

Download Zombie Hunter Mod – The battle for the apocalypse with the Zombie army

Are you looking for the best zombie shooting game for mobile phones? Such game genres are not few on the app stores. But I want to talk about Zombie Hunter released by VNG GAME STUDIOS. With action role-playing gameplay, gun battles with zombies are extremely attractive. The image in the game is extremely realistic and sharp, promising to bring a great experience for you. Your task is to choose weapons and attack the approaching bloodthirsty zombies. Use the inherent survival instinct to help each other overcome and survive in this chaotic world. Try to protect the survivors and save humanity from the danger of extinction.

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Zombies monstrous never been seen

Zombies in this game are not just lifeless zombies, walking zombies. Those zombies only appear at night, and during the day they will hide. But no, game Zombie Hunter brought real monsters. They appear even during the day and not only have serial killer skills. They are also very scary when they can crawl on the wall, or cling to the roof. That’s really dangerous and not easy to deal with. You need to be alert not only in front and behind, but in the air as well. They can jump at you at any time. You will encounter countless zombies with various shapes and colors.

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Wide variety of advanced weapons

According to the game publisher, the weapon system in this game is infinitely many and you can choose to tire your hands. This is understandable given how terrifying monsters they have made. Without modern weapons, our characters can only run and run. Zombie Hunter has a very diverse arsenal of offensive weapons with extremely strong power. Like sniper rifles, cyber guns, pistols, machine guns, bows, etc. The system also allows you to upgrade them to make the fight easier. The guns are designed very realistically and beautifully, because they are inspired by real guns. Depending on the type, they will have their own strength indicators.

Game Zombie Hunter Mod

Build a battle base

Monsters have surrounded this world, and no place is safe. So you and your teammates need to create a real safe haven for yourself. Play the game Zombie Hunter, you must build base to ensure that your team can survive the hard times of zombie world war. A place for members to recharge and rest after a long day of carrying guns. A place to gather materials to make weapons and important items, to meet the fight against zombies. Death is always near and stalks people day and night. No one can stand up to guarantee anyone else’s life. Except you have to know how to protect yourself.

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To own the genuine weapons that you love, you need to have money. Or collect the corresponding materials to make them. A faster way for you to get legendary weapons is to download the Zombie Hunter. Mod version will give you unlimited money, shopping freely in the store without thinking. With the most powerful guns, along with visual design, sound is not inferior to PUBG Mobile. This offline gun battle game will definitely bring you the most eye-catching experience. Because of the top-notch graphics and stability of a game that doesn’t need a network connection. Get ready to take up arms and face the apocalypse.

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