3D Pool Ball Mod APK (Long Lines)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/11/2023
3D Pool Ball Mod APK (Long Lines)
Name 3D Pool Ball
Version v2.2.3.8
Size 77MB
MOD Features Long Line
Support Android 4.4
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers CanaryDroid


3D Pool Ball Mod is a pool simulation game with realistic 3D graphics. Just like the real billiards experience. From images, and game rules, to table layouts and muscle patterns. If you are a billiards lover then this is really great. You can play offline anytime, anywhere, or play online and compete with other players. Besides, there are many attractive tournaments to participate in and find attractive rewards. Dive into world-class battles to showcase your talents. To be able to win, skill is an important factor. Need to practice judgment for each shot. Try to score higher than your opponent to beat other players and earn their respect.

Download 3D Pool Ball Mod – Gameplay that simulates the classic billiards game

We are no strangers to the game of billiards anymore. But to host a real billiards match, you can expect to pay a lot. But now with 3D Pool Ball Mod, you can play anytime, anywhere. Without spending any money. Since it can be played on mobile phones, the game can be set up in seconds. Here you have a chance to enjoy the ultimate billiards experience of premium 3D graphics. Each movement of the ball is shown realistically, accompanied by vivid sound. Play billiards on the phone, but the feeling is indescribable. You only need to swipe the screen to play, so it looks like you don’t need the tutorial buttons. In addition, the game also integrates many interesting options and valuable rewards. That’s what it takes to be a champion.3D Pool Ball Mod

Join the modes

Although the mode system is quite limited, the 3D Pool Ball Mod also has typical modes including offline and online. In addition, it also offers many different rules for you to experience, with 8 ball pool tables, 9 ball pool tables,s and more. If you are a new player or need to improve your skills. An offline mode would be ideal. There you can fight AI opponents and have
viable configurations. Training journey from easy to difficult. Thanks to that, from getting used to the gameplay, you will develop into a real billiards player. When you’re ready, you can join online tournaments, the playground for the most talented.Ear 3D Pool Ball Mod

In the tournaments of 3D Pool Ball Mod, you join the billiard balls in 1v1 wars. The mission is to beat the opponent by earning more points. To do this, one must have good judgment, reasoning, and skills. It’s also important to align your shot properly so that your muscles hit the target and put the ball into the hole. If you have a lot of accurate shots, you can quickly defeat your opponent. But then a new war will begin. If you continue like this, you can go far in the tournament and qualify for the championship.

Unlock hundreds of trees

3D Pool Ball Mod allows players to customize their own experience for free. Accordingly, it is possible to create your own charts and signs from the available templates. Notably, there are nearly 100 other cues and tables to choose from. Along with that, there are dozens of accessories to choose from. So get creative to experience the ultimate pool match and enjoy it in tournaments. But to do that, of course, you need money. Bonuses can be obtained by winning rounds, completing missions, or spinning the wheel of fortune.3D Pool Ball Mod

Rich interface

Although 3D emulators are more popular, 3D Pool Ball Mod still allows players to choose a 2D view if they want. Provides a new perspective and helps you renew your perception. Also, the 2D view gives the player a better advantage over the 3D view in some cases. Choose according to your preferences and enjoy the game right away.download 3D Pool Ball Mod

You will feel the billiards experience in 3D Pool Ball Mod very close to reality. Although some unnecessary operations have been reduced, the billiard games are still incredibly realistic. A billiard table can be seen and each stroke of the club head is clearly displayed. The movement of the ball rolling away is very smooth even after the actions of the player. The experience is also inspired by the fact that this is the field of professional billiards. And the always fun sound creates endless inspiration for billiard players.

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