Download 3D Tennis Mod APK 1.8.6 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 20/10/2023
3D Tennis Mod APK 1.8.6 (Unlimited Money)
Name 3D Tennis
Version v1.8.6
Size 58MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers Mouse Games


Surely you like outdoor sports, which help people increase endurance, especially endurance. Tennis was invented by a British army major between 1859-1865. Now it has spread to the whole world and is released by the developer Mouse Games as a 3D Tennis Mod game. Is it a sports game inspired by Tennis with extremely attractive gameplay? Participate in intense, fierce battles. You will experience the matches against professional opponents around the world that you have always wanted. Competing with opponents in each ball helps your skills to be significantly improved. Let’s show off your skills to defeat your opponent and win.

Download 3D Tennis Mod – Participate in Exciting Tennis Matches

Giving users the most convenient feeling of recording 3D Tennis Mod simulates the process of playing tennis on the mobile platform. The game is designed and realistically depicts every gesture of the player in real life, it is the same in 3D Tennis. Create a lively space, along with extremely fiery matches. With very realistically designed graphics, players feel like they are fighting a real opponent. The game interface is also neatly designed to optimize redundant movements so that players can focus the most on the ongoing battle. Along with that is a control mechanism that allows players to simply swipe up on the screen to control the batting player.3D Tennis mod

Attractive gameplay

In 3D Tennis Mod you will be able to compete privately with other opponents around the world. Both sides will show off their hitting skills to get points. The match will continue until one of the two scores all 5 goals. The winner will be the one who reaches 5 points first and takes the reward to go to the next level. Are you confident enough to defeat the enemy and claim victory?

Realistic effects

Especially 3D Tennis Mod gives players a very unique match effect. That’s why the audience loves this game so much. When you join the match, you begin to experience the great features of the game. In each round, the effect shown is no different from the real-life effect. For example, in real life, when you hit the ball, the ball will immediately fly towards the opponent. And when you kick the ball, each gesture of turning the ball to play will be reproduced in a strangely professional manner. Make users feel like they are playing a real-life soccer game. However, you need to create logical, winding ball lines to defeat your opponent and win.Game 3D Tennis mod

The control mechanism of the game

Unlike other sports games that use a combination of many keys to manipulate, 3D Tennis Mod is not like that. Right from the start the player will detect the ball and run in the direction the ball falls for you. Your job is just to align the right drop and choose the right time to press and hit the ball in reverse for the opponent. You just need to touch and swipe up in the direction you want the ball to follow, the player will hit that ball in the direction you ask. The mechanism of the game is very simple, but the most difficult thing for you is when to hit the ball, you have to make the ball fall to the place and then start swinging the club. If you don’t hit the ball, the opponent will get points, or sometimes because you hit the ball too much, the ball will fall out of the court and you also lose points. It is the most prominent thing that players should pay attention to.

Lots of famous players

3D Tennis Mod includes a diverse character system including the world’s top players. There are players like Perla, Copllla, Matesovic, Townsend, Nadal, Djokovic, etc… for players to choose from and many other players waiting for you to discover. You need to accumulate rewards through each match to be able to recruit the desired 3D Tennis mod

Top Leagues

In 3D Tennis Mod provides top tournaments in the world such as the UK Grand Slam, Canada, Cincinnati, US Grand Slam, etc… Each of these tournaments has rewards commensurate with those of mid-range opponents. the international size that you need to overcome to make it to the final. Here, beat the opponent to win the Cup of the reigning enemy. Then there will be a lot of valuable rewards for you and then you will be very popular.Download 3D Tennis mod

3D Tennis Mod brings players from one emotional frame to another. Each match will take place in a different field with extremely unique colors. Along with the unique live sound, the cheers of the audience in the stands, the sound of the whistle, and the sound of the ball. They combine to give players the feeling of competing enthusiastically in their own colors. Let’s play the role of a player to participate in the fiercest match, promising to be the best experience that you will not forget.

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