3DTuning Mod 3.7.934 (Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/05/2024
3DTuning Mod {{version}} (Unlocked)
Name 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator
Version v3.7.934
Size 88MB
MOD Features Unlocked
Support Android 4.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers 3DTuning


3DTuning is a game genre written about steeds on the track but in a completely new way. Referring to supercars with speeds that can reach terrifying speeds on the road. You will probably think of the kind of popular racing game on the market. This game is also about supercars but it will not be about speed and contention. Here you will unleash your creativity when refurbishing your own cars. That means you will change the exterior equipment on the car to become more aggressive and bring your own style. A version of only one on the market, designed by yourself.

Download 3DTuning Mod – Refurbishment For Shiny Super Cars

3DTuning is a suitable game for you to unleash your creativity with supercars. If you think of supercars, you will think of speed-oriented games. The genre has a multitude of titles that appear on the mobile game store. You will get bored when you see this general layout will mostly be very similar. Then this game will bring you a very new experience. No drama with moments on the road, and no opponents to contend with. Here you will slowly enjoy and feel the work of art. Customizing cars is not only a passion, it also has an artistic beauty created by the author himself.

3DTuning Mod


3DTuning is a game that you can join for free on both Android and IOS operating systems. Join in a completely free way, without losing a dime. Here you will create car versions that only appear 1 in the world. Because it has been made through your own special creation. Change the details and equipment of the car’s exterior. It will give a very different panoramic view from the original version of the car. The boredom with the original version of the car makes you no longer find it beautiful. So change everything, change to show your strongest style.

Ear 3DTuning Mod

Interesting Features

3DTuning is definitely a game with the appearance of many types of vehicles on all titles. You will see almost all real-life car manufacturers appear in this game. From the popular class to the car companies specializing in making super expensive supercars in the world. Not only a variety of car manufacturers that you can love in real life. The vehicle system is also very prominent when there are more than 1000 vehicles for you to choose from. This variety will keep you from getting bored every time you create a piece. Subsequent works will not be the same or similar to the previous works. Because the difference in equipment and the shape of the car is completely different.

Game 3DTuning Mod

Game Graphics

3DTuning uses extremely beautiful and quality 3D graphics for you. It’s a very well-done game in terms of visuals. You will feel the image in the game shows well down to the smallest things. A variety of views around the vehicle of your choice will help you see more. Can rotate 360 ​​degrees to see different angles of a vehicle. The detail is considered to be perfect when reproducing a car as close to the real-life version as possible. You will see that the smallest things in a car are also made very delicately. The colors are also made very diverse so that you can freely choose the color of your car.

Download 3DTuning Mod

You will get a very useful feature when you download the 3DTuning version of the game. Unlocking everything will make your game experience a lot better. If you want to customize more special and fancy cars. You will need to spend a certain amount of money to be able to unlock them. But here, with this version of the game, you can unlock everything completely for free. Right from the moment you start participating in the game, you can already choose the most eye-catching cars. This feature helps you increase the enjoyment when the game experience becomes much higher.

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