Download Alien Shooter 2 MOD APK 2.6.4 (Menu, Unlimited Full Money, Guns, Skills, Free Shopping) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Alien Shooter 2 MOD APK 2.6.4 (Menu, Unlimited Full Money, Guns, Skills, Free Shopping)
Name Alien Shooter 2
Version v2.6.4
Size 76MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Full Money, Guns, Skills, Free Shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Sigma Team


Alien Shooter 2 is a shooting action game with the target of alien monsters. And is the second part to follow the success of this legendary game series on PC and mobile. Coming to the game, you will be immersed in fierce battles. The clash with the legion of alien monsters is extremely cold-blooded. Your mission is to wipe out the monsters in the secret underground laboratory area. The place containing the teleportation machine that scientists are studying to explore the universe. Unfortunately, the aliens also knew of the existence of the teleporter, so they infiltrated. With weapons in hand, or prevent the invasion of monstrous invaders.

Download Alien Shooter 2: The Legend Mod – Fight against alien monsters

Still a shooter with a top-down perspective of Sigma Team. Alien Shooter 2 retains the strengths of the entire game series. Of course, there will be many more improvements required to keep up with the times. That is this part 2 is not an offline game anymore. Requires an internet connection to participate in extremely attractive PvP online play. You can play with friends to overcome challenges together. Your character has added special skills. The weapon and equipment system has also been upgraded to a much richer variety. There are server-wide leaderboards for people all over the planet to compete with fast.

Download Alien Shooter 2 The Legend Mod

Best game mode

Game Alien Shooter 2: The Legend has different levels with equal difficulty. Later, the difficulty of the game increases. The greater the number of monsters, the more diverse the type. With 2 main game modes, the first is to have a limited score for you to strive and win the game screen. Or the 2nd mode is the game mode where you get as many points as possible. This is the most attractive game mode that I want to mention. Because there are infinitely many monsters, you can shoot until your hands get tired. Monsters fill the screen, you will be able to shoot monsters with your hand. Shoot until the gun fails. The corpses did not disappear, but they piled up. Gives us the feeling of a real battle for survival.

Tải Alien Shooter 2 The Legend Mod

Characters and quests

Leveling up your character is indispensable in most games. And with Alien Shooter 2 Mod too, you will be able to upgrade your character. Along with more advanced equipment. But it is important to upgrade the basic stats of the warrior. To get better power in protracted battles. Get the chance to dive into new battlefields and unique challenges. It can be a military warehouse, a sandy desert, or a park, a city… Then you need to choose your weapons and fighting style to suit each terrain and the physical strength of your teammates.

Version Alien Shooter 2: The Legend has hundreds of different levels to test your bravery. The difficulty level increases with each successive level. A variety of interesting quests will quickly attract you. The main task is to destroy alien monsters. Besides, there are side tasks that the system requires you to complete. Like collecting secret documents, destroying the teleportation machine in the secret vault. Or find items, collect and clean up monster corpses… Of course, there will be countless attractive rewards waiting for you after completing the quests.

Game Alien Shooter 2 The Legend Mod

Weapon system, equipment

This is a war on a cosmic scale. By the appearance of creatures from another planet. So in the game Alien Shooter 2: The Legend will not be without the most modern weapons. All kinds of pistols, machine guns, rifles are available, or even flamethrowers. In addition, there are the necessary equipment of a soldier. Like grenades, daggers, first aid boxes, communication devices, radars. Tanks, minigun emplacements are heavy weapons that only in this game can be used. Or advanced weapons such as plasma guns, unmanned combat aircraft… You can upgrade those weapons to new heights. Let them have more power than the original.

Hack Alien Shooter 2 The Legend Mod

Alien Shooter 2 Mod has 3D graphics, so it brings realistic and clear images. The sound of the battlefield is also very lively and fierce. And no less monstrous and creepy by the screams of space monsters. So get ready for the battles in the game right away. Extra-large-scale campaigns will bring you unexpected voyeuristic moments. Train your resilience and test your courage against fearsome monsters. The combat is fast-paced and dramatic, zombies are full of promises of crazy, fiery battles.

Hot features of Alien Shooter 2: The Legend

  • Hours of gameplay in campaign mode.
  • Lots of maps for online battles.
  • Ability to enhance and equip your character according to your play style.
  • Hundreds of weapons – from pistols to plasma guns.
  • Anti drones, grenades, first aid kits, implants and many more.
  • Ability to play without internet connection (offline mode).

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