Archero Mod 5.14.1 (Menu, HP, High Damage)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/05/2024
Archero Mod {{version}} (Menu, HP, High Damage)
Name Archero
Version v5.14.1
Size 66MB
MOD Features Menu, HP, High Damage
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Habby


Archero Mod is an action-style game created by the Habby team. With an extremely cute design with the desire to bring the most interesting things. Players when participating will be role-playing to become an archer. Transform into a hero with a mission to destroy monsters to protect the safety of the kingdom. While the forces of darkness are constantly growing to conquer and take over. Along with the bow is a sacred item with infinite power, which is always carried with you. The job requires players to constantly practice to get stronger. Find a way to defeat the monsters, and open the way to destroy the forces of darkness. In order for everything to return to normal, the kingdom returned to its previous peaceful life.

Download Archero Mod – With the Bow to destroy all forces of darkness

Archero Mod is built based on the context of the kingdom in danger. Urgent requirement for a hero to stand up to fight. And the player will become that special person. Along with the bow role-playing the character fights for justice, erasing all the forces of darkness. With countless battles full of different types of monsters that require players to destroy. Show your ability when controlling the character to both dodge and deal damage to the enemy. Thanks to the bow and arrow, fire powerful attacks, continuously affecting the monsters. Want to destroy them in the shortest time. There are many levels divided by levels. You need to overcome the challenges ahead to get inside. And the more you enter the levels behind the monsters, they will become stronger and stronger. Requires players to keep trying,Archero Mod

Variety of Monsters

The highlight that Archero Mod built to attract a lot of players is the huge monster system. With a lot of different monsters, designed all kinds of designs. In terms of skills or ability to attack, it is extremely diverse. From shooting, throwing weapons or attacks to blocking laser beams, and shooting fire blocks. And the power is designed to increase gradually through each gate when approaching new lands. Create difficulties and challenges for players when they have to destroy all those monsters. With the goal of overcoming all to reach the final gate to conquer the game.Game Archero Mod

Diversified Equipment System

Action games like Archero Mod in addition to requiring player skill. They are all built a system of equipment. Those are weapons like bows used to increase the damage to the character. Items to increase defense such as armor, rings, and accessories included. All have levels when increasing will gain more power, with different attribute stats. Helps the character to increase his fighting ability. Ensure the completion of the goals, and pass the gates. As the rear gears, the strength of the monsters will be gradually increased, there are also very strong bosses.Download Archero Mod

Graphics, Vivid Sound

One point that makes a great impression on players is the graphics. Archero Mod builds in addition to interesting attractive gameplay, the 3D design is also excellent. Every detail of the character is cute and funny, with cute chibi images. Fine-tune in each stroke with bright colors. So that players can experience it for hours without getting tired or bored. And with a multi-dimensional view, everyone will see the overview of the game, easy to control and use. Sound is also an indispensable part when it comes to fun music. Immerse the player in the battle.Tai Archero Mod

Indeed, the challenge that Archero Mod creates is not easy at all. Players will have to try very hard to use their best to hope to be able to pass. If you are not careful, just a little mistake can be attacked by monsters, leading to failure. There are even boss monsters, the final boss with great power. It can cause players to have a lot of difficulties to hope to be able to overcome. To relieve pressure on this mod version was created with increased damage and health for the character. With just a few hits it was possible to defeat the monsters. Just like with the huge amount of blood, the character no longer has to worry about being attacked.

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