Brutal Street 2 Mod APK 1.3.0 (Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
Brutal Street 2 Mod APK 1.3.0 (Free Shopping)
Name Brutal Street 2
Version v1.3.0
Size 38MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Black Pearl Games Ltd.


You are bored with shooting survival games. Want to immerse yourself in street battles? Brutal Street 2 Mod is where you can do it right on your phone. The setting of the game takes place in various parts of China. There you have to fight. Fight against gangsters who want to rob and harass schoolgirls. Your mission is to call the street heroes and control them to defeat the enemy. There are dozens of such missions for you to freely show your strength and action strategy. In addition, the game offers many heroes to experience. You can also upgrade them your way to the best performance. You will be captivated by the exciting action mechanics and clever strategic elements of this game.

Download Brutal Street 2 Mod – The War Against Gangsters

The idea of ​​the underworld in the game has become addictive for many players. Brutal Street 2 Mod since its launch has been well received by users. At the beginning of the game, you will know its history. Then the journey begins with the first fight. Where you control a super cool guy defeating some weak thugs on the street. This is the beginning of many people’s campaigns to liberate the underworld. Then will gather them into a team to pave the way for residential areas. Find the peace of the past. The battles will take place according to natural mechanisms, not in turn like other games of the same type. Hence the action and combat elements. Clearly presented here.Brutal Street 2 Mod

Addictive role-playing battles

Start Brutal Street 2 Mod with the first battle. You will participate in a war with gangsters who are trying to tease a schoolgirl. Your task is to control the hero with virtual buttons. Just touch and swipe the screen to move the hero. Click the appropriate skill buttons to launch attacks. During the battle, you can take turns controlling many heroes depending on the battlefield situation. Each hero possesses an impressive set of skills. Therefore, choose the right hero and use skills to gain an advantage over the enemy.Game Brutal Street 2 Mod

How to control Brutal Street 2 Mod is extremely easy. But when there are more heroes and face stronger enemies. You need a smarter action strategy. In addition, you can also encounter many Bosses who are social bosses. Carrying within him is a great power. So you need a harmonious combination of heroes to create great power. Some heroes will be combat oriented, while others will mainly help in the rear. Just by touching the healing skill, you can help heal the hero. When you control a hero attack correctly. Then it will be easier to win.

Gather and upgrade heroes

Brutal Street 2 Mod includes 8 selected heroes. Of course, you can’t own it in the first place. Which have to complete the missions to reach the required level and use the cash to unlock the hero. You can customize them with your choice of clothes and skills. Each hero has dozens of active skills and more than 100 passive skills. Can be unlocked when the level reaches a certain level. In addition, they will be upgraded with the best equipment. After each upgrade, the heroes will improve their stats. Like HP, damage, defense and critical rate, speed…download Brutal Street 2 Mod

Realistic visual design and captivating sound

The image of Brutal Street 2 Mod is reproduced extremely realistically and meticulously on 2D graphics. Thanks to that, the game brings cool warriors with many vivid skill effects. Funny sounds. In addition, the street battles are also embellished with some eye-catching effects. The underworld is also realistically represented by images of enemies and the surrounding landscape. It all looks quite simple but very sophisticated and creative.Brutal Street 2 Mod

Brutal Street 2 Mod is really an attractive action game. Bring fierce battles to defeat the gangsters. Along with that is the Mod feature. Now players don’t have to worry about their character. Feel free to include heroes in your collection. It will keep you hooked for hours. There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover first. Come join us and experience it right now.

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