Counter Terrorist Strike: CS MOD APK 1.1.22 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Ammo, Unlocked Weapons, Items)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/01/2024
Counter Terrorist Strike: CS MOD APK 1.1.22 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Ammo, Unlocked Weapons, Items)
Name Counter Terrorist Strike: CS
Version v1.1.22
Size 81MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Ammo, Unlocked Weapons, Items
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Gunfire Game


Get ready for the wars of terror in Counter Terrorist Strike: CS MOD APK. Carry out the mission as a professional shooter. Under the first-person perspective to fight dangerous terrorists. Only by destroying them can the challenge be completed and won. Accordingly, this game is a shooting genre in the form of 3D graphics. Set on various battlefields, recreated from vast locations. Along with that is a variety of game modes, with many different themes revolving around shooting activities. Moreover, you will learn about diverse weapon systems to change the attack style. Or a variety of support equipment used against enemies. Not stopping there, the publisher also offers a simple control mechanism.

Download Counter Terrorist Strike: CS Mod – Shooting War Against Terrorist Forces

Build Counter Terrorist Strike: CS gameplay in shooting style. You will play as a gunman to participate in the war against terrorism. They are criminals armed with advanced weapons. Will attack you as soon as detected in range. To be able to protect themselves, as well as survive the deadly dangers. There will be no choice but to fight the enemy. Only by shooting down the enemy can the danger be eliminated. At the same time will perform the task of destroying the enemy to win. From there will successfully stop the terrorists and have the opportunity to receive valuable bonuses.

Counter Terrorist Strike- CS Mod

Diverse game modes

As introduced about the game mode of Counter Terrorist Strike: CS Mod. Shooting wars take place in many different game modes. Includes team battle mode, anti-terrorist team, survival, bomb disposal, private room and customize in your own way. Accordingly, you will enjoy attractive shooting gameplay, with many different competitive contents. Conditions given when participating in each mode are not the same. Requires you to follow the rules in each match. However, whether participating in any mode of shooting battle. After winning and completing excellent missions. All receive bonuses, the amount of which will correspond to the achievements achieved during the battle.

Game Counter Terrorist Strike- CS Mod

The detailed content of each mode

Learn more about the game modes of game Counter Terrorist Strike: CS.

  • Team Battle Mode: Taking place in real-time, revolving around the competition between the shooters of two teams.
  • Anti-terrorist mode: Together with other gunmen form a team, and carry out missions against dangerous terrorist forces.
  • Survival mode: There are only two choices, which are life or death. To survive will have to fight fierce competition.
  • Bomb mode: Revolving around a match between two shooting teams. One team is on a mission to plant the bomb, the other team will have to find the bombs and defuse them before they explode.
  • Private room mode: Can invite friends or other shooters to join. Compete against each other on the battlefield to sort out the winners and losers.
  • Custom mode: Allows you to adjust the rules of the game to your own style. Through different choices like map, time, the number of participants, and more.

Tai Counter Terrorist Strike- CS Mod

Realistic 3D graphics and sounds

Promising to bring authentic battles when coming to Counter Terrorist Strike: CS Mod. The publisher has used vivid 3D graphics. Combine a virtual reality environment to bring the feeling of play to life. With many different locations, unfolding on the battlefields. Same differences in landscape and topographical conditions. Especially recreating the very realistic shooting environment. Not stopping there, from the first perspective will increase the experience. Mixed sound effects are expressed through gunfire. At the same time, the sound will change flexibly according to each activity taking place on the battlefield.

There are more than 30 guns

Game Counter Terrorist Strike: CS has more than 30 different guns in all. With a diverse collection of weapons provided by the system. You can choose from a number of guns that suit your attack style. For example, becoming a gunner has the flexibility, of using a shotgun, rifle, or revolver. Or attack in a sniper-style, which can kill enemies with a single bullet when hitting the head. There are many other types of guns to be discovered, thereby learning about their capabilities. Through stats on damage, ammo count, reload time, and firing range.

Download Counter Terrorist Strike- CS Mod

Besides the guns, it is also possible to equip additional support weapons. They are designed by Counter Terrorist Strike: CS Mod in order to bring superior abilities to the shooter. For example drones, sentry guns, and rocket launchers. These are the types of equipment used to support combat. Can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies to destroy.

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