Cyber ​​Fighters Mod APK 1.11.70 (Menu, Money, Damage, Shopping, Immortality)

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Cyber ​​Fighters Mod APK 1.11.70 (Menu, Money, Damage, Shopping, Immortality)
Name Cyber Fighters
Version 1.11.70
MOD Features Menu, Money, Damage, Shopping, Immortality
Size 101MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher ZITGA


Cyber ​​Fighters Mod is set in a futuristic world. Where the most advanced technologies are developed. Robots replace humans. Humans became engrossed in machines that refused to work and that led to an incident. Suddenly control robots attack humans. Causing people to fall into a state of extinction. But fortunately, there were soldiers who stood up against the army of robots. Among them will be characters that players can role-play. Your main task in the game is to find the lost robots. Defeat them and find out what caused them to lose control. But defeating them is not easy. They are equipped with the most advanced weapons. Or modern devices capable of evading your attacks.

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In Cyber ​​Fighters Mod, it is inevitable to fight against the army of robots. But confronting them is not an easy thing. Because they are equipped with many modern weapons with great destructive power. The sturdy armor can withstand ordinary guns. However, nothing is invincible. They work with energy. If they run out of energy, they will be deactivated. Or each robot will have a weak point in different positions. You can take advantage of those to be able to destroy them easily. Use your skill and ingenuity to hit their weak points.

Cyber Fighters Mod

Character system

Cyber ​​Fighters Mod has an extremely diverse character system. With many different types of warriors such as humans, robots, and mechanics. Each warrior will have a unique ability. For example, a robot with an extremely powerful long-range attack from high-tech weapons. Or the mechanic equipped with many advanced weapons and armor. Increases resistance and close-range attacks,… There are more than 50 warriors for you to choose from. You can complete challenges to get coins. Use coins to unlock characters.

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Game mode

Cyber ​​Fighters Mod has two main game modes: offline and online mode. In offline mode, players will be involved in endless tense battles. The player who completes one stage will have the next one open for you to pass. Players will receive rewards corresponding to each round. In addition, this mode will help players practice their skills to prepare well before participating in online game mode. In this mode, players will be participating in online matches. Compete with other players around the world.

game Cyber Fighters Mod

Quest System

The mission system of Cyber ​​Fighters Mod is exceptional. All tasks are linked together into a link. Create a perfect and engaging story. At the beginning of the game, the player will receive the first task, which is this beginner’s mission. In this mission, you will be guided to familiarize yourself with the game and know the threat of an army of robots out of control. You will then have to gather talented heroes to join your team. On the way to fight the cyborgs and save the world.

tai Cyber Fighters Mod

Skill system and weapon upgrade

Stay in Cyber ​​Fighters Mod in addition to owning powerful hero characters. Then it is very important to upgrade their skills and weapons. This will help your hero have awesome skills. There is a terrible destructive power, maybe a move has wiped out the droids. But this upgrade is very expensive. It requires players to accumulate a lot of money. A little hint for players: you can download the mod version of the game to experience countless attractive features. And especially in the unlimited money feature. You will be free to upgrade and unlock heroes easily and quickly.

Graphics and sound system

Although Cyber ​​Fighters Mod is only designed on 2D graphics. But the image quality, character effects, and moves are still smooth and sharp. The strength of 2D graphics is that the game will have a spare capacity, without lag or game splash. Help players experience the game in the most comfortable way. In addition, the sound system is also meticulously detailed by the publisher. With modern background music, the sound of collisions, the sound of high-tech weapons clashing,… Extremely realistic, making players feel like they are immersed in the battle.

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