Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod APK 5.6.01 (Skill Hack, Freeze)

By genzvnmod Leader - Latest update: 10/11/2023
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod APK 5.6.01 (Skill Hack, Freeze)
Name Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Version 5.6.01
MOD Features Skill Hack, Freeze
Size 200MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher PerBlue Entertainment


Get ready to join Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod to experience relaxing moments. Indeed players are too familiar with Disney’s animated movies. From here, you will meet familiar characters. They are iconic in many famous movies. Accompany them on many fiery battlefields. The alien army begins its journey to Earth. With a plan to conquer this world. It is necessary to collect powerful heroes and resist all attacks. Combine heroes in strategic formations. Like Elsa snow princess, superhero family, fictional jack, Aladdin… Each character has their own unique abilities inspired by the original movie. A chance to enjoy impressive skill shows with eye-catching effects. It’s an immersive experience where you offer your cunning.

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod – Immerse yourself in Disney World

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod is a game since its launch that has received great support from users. It offers a fascinating fantasy adventure, about the past encountering familiar cartoon characters. Experience, transform into characters, and fight together to protect world peace. Defeat the alien invaders and also the heroes who have been infected with the virus. Form a strong squad of favorite heroes. Level them up and explore the game’s many outstanding battlefields. The endless combat mission system is waiting for you to explore.tai Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

Turn-based battles

About the gameplay Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod has a classic role-playing style. Along with turn-based combat. Bringing very new and creative gameplay. I am sure that players will enjoy it very much. Can choose the available characters and put them in the squad. Join the fight with the enemy. Initially, you have a handful of options. But later on, it is possible to unlock more characters. Level up old heroes to discover new levels of power.download Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

The level system of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod is classified from easy to difficult. Can defeat enemies in the beginning when they are very weak and few. But then, will meet powerful bosses and even infected superheroes. They could be Bogo, Mr. Incredible… Increasing difficulty requires improvement in both strategy and experience. Had to change his squad with new options. Add appropriate equipment and unique boosters at the shop. Each battle will take you to different battlefields. Joining this battlefield, it is necessary to have flexibility in the strategy to face many strange enemies.

Discover and upgrade over 100 heroes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod brings a collection of over 100 new characters. But when released there were only 15+ characters. As can be seen, the game has received updates and additions. Give players more opportunities to explore. Each hero has their own skills, but they can be combined and support each other if in the same team. This can be an interesting combination of speed, energy, magic, health… Thanks to that, you can create a perfect squad with all the elements for defense and attack.game Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

Eye-catching, vivid combat effects

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is shown vividly through quality frames. Designed with simple 2D graphics. The appearance of the heroes is no different from the original version. But the skill effects are extremely unique. In combat, these effects highlight the action, creating a fierce battlefield before the player’s eyes. In addition, the sound of the skill is also vivacious and makes you much more excited.Disney Heroes Battle Mode Mod

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Mod is an extremely interesting entertainment game. Bringing a collection of heroes and a fascinating battlefield scene. Besides, the shop is getting richer and richer with items, weapons, costumes… Join and explore them all, choose the necessary items, and add them to the squad. Choose your favorite character, and join in becoming a hero for the sake of protecting the world. There is much more hidden inside for you to participate in and discover.

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK 5.6.01 (Skill Hack, Freeze) 2023

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