EvoWars.io MOD APK 1.9.37 (Menu, Unlimited Money Health, Fast Level Up, Level Max)

By genzvnmod Leader - Latest update: 02/11/2023
EvoWars.io MOD APK 1.9.37 (Menu, Unlimited Money Health, Fast Level Up, Level Max)
Name EvoWars.io
Version 1.9.37
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money Health, Fast Level Up, Level Max
Size 45MB
Requires Night Steed S.C.
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Android 5.1


EvoWars.io MOD APK is a survival action game that is also quite attractive. Where you will participate in vital battles with many opponents. That place is called the extremely large Deathmatch arena. There are many different large and small energy balls. There are many other warriors like you, they have different levels and strengths. Your mission is to collect energy balls to accumulate experience points. That is a necessary condition for you to level up faster. Quickly grow larger in size to be able to overwhelm the opponent’s strength. If you want a much larger amount of experience points than the small EXP orbs. Then you must destroy other warriors that come near you.

Download EvoWars.io Mod – Become an immortal fighting hero in the Deathmatch arena

In the game EvoWars.io there will be many participating heroes like you. This is a huge source of EXP for heroes after defeating an opponent. Therefore, a very harsh battle for survival took place here. Everyone wants to destroy each other to get more EXP points for themselves. This is also what creates the appeal of this game. Because if you just collect energy balls, it’s too simple, no different from boring snake hunting games. However, still based on io gameplay to develop this game. That’s going around the Deathmatch arena and collecting colorful energy balls. Destroy other enemies with the sharp sword in hand.

Download EvoWars.io MOD APK

Control the character

It’s quite easy to control your character around the map of the Deathmatch arena. EvoWars.io Mod will have very intuitive movement direction control buttons on the left hand side of the screen. Let your character go in the direction you want. On the contrary, on the left side there will be a sword-shaped attack button. Click on it to launch a move and defeat the enemy.

The defeat mechanism in the game is also very simple and easy to understand. Whoever’s attack speed is faster will win. Therefore, the game requires you to be quick and quick. Adjust the distance to match the range of the weapon you have. Then slash only once at the opponent. If you calculate correctly, your opponent will have no chance. But if you are too hasty, and your weapon cannot touch your opponent. Then you will be the one to lie down and gameover.

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Character and weapon system

Game EvoWars.io will bring you many surprises about your characters and weapons. Currently, there are more than 25 personal levels for you to conquer. When you accumulate the necessary amount of experience points. You will be upgraded to a new level, with a changed appearance. For example, if you are a pirate character. After leveling up, you will immediately turn into a Roman gladiator, or a Japanese ninja. The heroes that you can experience can be prehistoric people and gladiators. Or swordsman, ninja, knight, king, assassin, pirate… and more at higher levels.

Each character will also have a very unique weapon. For example, at level 1, you will start with a prehistoric character. In your hand is just a very rudimentary stick, and the attack speed is extremely slow. But when you reach level 2, you will become a knight with armor, and hold a powerful double-edged ax in your hand. Popular weapons in the game are spiked sticks, maces, axes, swords, hammers and many others at high levels.

Game EvoWars.io MOD APK

Fighting skills

Having a lot of experience and fighting skills will be an advantage in EvoWars.io Mod. Move flexibly, attack from behind the opponent to avoid being damaged. Because the weapon in hand only has an attack range of about 90 degrees towards the front. Combine with acceleration skills to quickly circle behind the enemy and deliver the decisive blow. If you master this strategy, you will level up very quickly. Because in recent updates that is the case. If you defeat an opponent whose level is many times higher than you, the experience points are huge. And so, you will level up quickly, from level 1 you can immediately go to level 21. If the level 21 enemy is caught off guard and you quickly seize that opportunity.

EvoWars.io MOD Vô Hạn Tiền

EvoWars.io’s hottest MOD feature

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Immortal
  • Level Up Fast
  • OneHit
  • Free rewards

Are you ready to become a giant in the Deathmatch arena? Large size is an advantage, but in EvoWars.io Mod, that is no longer so important. Because as I said above, movement skills and fighting skills are the deciding factors. Huge giants often fall under the swords of small and agile warriors. So, with the quick wit of my best friend. You will quickly reach the highest level, trying to reach the top of the rankings.

With a top-down perspective, you will only see your warrior’s head. Round and very funny, with a shiny sword next to it. Combine with 2D graphics for sharp and smooth images. The sounds are fun background music, bringing excitement when fighting. Come experience this game with me.

Download EvoWars.io MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money Health, Fast Level Up, Level Max) 2023

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