Geometry Dash World Mod APK 2.2.11 (Unlocked Skins)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/09/2023
Geometry Dash World Mod APK 2.2.11 (Unlocked Skins)
Name Geometry Dash World
Version v2.2.11
Size 63MB
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Support Android 4.0
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers RobTop Games


Did you know Geometry Dash is a very famous music game? There is a fee that is sold on the two major app stores which are google play and app store. But there are still a lot of people willing to pay to use it. But now there are many versions of the same genre launched by RobTop Games and are completely free. And typically one of them is Geometry Dash World Mod. Built with the same gameplay as most other versions of the same genre. Players will have a multitude of levels created by the developer to try and be entertained with cheerful music. Click and jump to join a long journey with a special character. A colorfully designed box-shaped block. Test your sharp eye talent and dodging ability to overcome obstacles in the way.

Download Geometry Dash World Mod – Get Into The Rhythm Of Challenging Yourself

Entering the first game, players will be able to own their own character. A boxy block is designed like a square face. With it begins to embark on a long, difficult journey of adventure. Geometry Dash World Mod has a multitude of different levels designed. Each has dangerous obstacles and deadly traps added. Distributed throughout the map to create a challenge to deter players. Only when you’re really good and don’t stop practicing will you be able to pass. But don’t worry too much, there’s always a way to go, as long as you don’t give up, you can definitely make it to the finish line. Immerse yourself in the rhythms. There will be times when players can jump. Passing or not also depends on grasping the appropriate time.Game Geometry Dash World Mod

Many Dangerous Traps

It can be said that Geometry Dash World Mod is one of the games that require players to have high skills. Because the difficulty of the game cannot be underestimated. Just a little negligence to miss the right moment to jump completely will cost the ending. The game’s pitfalls are numerous, spread throughout the map. Sharp spikes are ready to appear in any position. Maybe being at the bottom requires the player to jump, sometimes at the top. Saws or deep pools, just touch the character to sacrifice. But the real difficulty lies in the fact that there are places where both pitfalls appear at the same time. Stacked or staggered, only a small space can be moved through.Download Geometry Dash World Mod

Character Customization

Geometry Dash World Mod has a very special character system. Just colored squares. Build more faces on top with emoticons. But the game also avoids the situation where the character is simply boring to the player. Because the box itself will follow the entire journey to conquer the game. Should also build more shops, where more unique emoticons and other colors to choose from. Completely players can buy to decorate and change the appearance of the character. Make it more gorgeous and unique. As well as possessing additional effects when moving to leave colorful light trails.Tai Geometry Dash World Mod

Graphics And Sound

Game Geometry Dash World Mod is a combination of games with added music. Then in terms of sound, there will definitely be the best music added. How to bring the most comfortable feeling for players. When you are immersed in the joyful rhythms with many colors and resonances. In addition, the graphics are also a plus, although the game is not too cumbersome. But still creating attraction for many players. The pitfalls or maps are carefully adjusted in each stage of selection. Combine many colors with light effects to create.Geometry Dash World Mod

Honestly, the challenge of Geometry Dash World Mod for players is difficult. But in terms of design or gameplay, the opposite is quite simple. But the game also has an entire store, which stores and sells custom icons and effects for characters. Of course, it will require money if you want to be able to own it. Because I don’t want players to have to work hard to earn money to use for shopping but lose the real purpose. It is entertainment, challenging yourself with the work of overcoming the gates. So the mod version was created to solve that problem. Unlocking skins will help players get the new characters they want without spending money.

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