Granny 3 MOD APK 1.1.3 (Menu/Dumb Bot, Immortal)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 20/09/2023
Granny 3 MOD APK 1.1.3 (Menu/Dumb Bot, Immortal)
Name Granny 3
MOD Features Menu/Dumb Bot, Immortal
Size 99MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher DVloper


If you are a lover of horror movies, now want to experience it for yourself. Granny 3 MOD APK is created and developed by the DVloper team. Is a great option that can fulfill that wish. With a long, terrifying journey about an evil grandmother. Wearing a scary face can be considered a demon. And the player when participating will play the niece, who will be locked in the house subject to the pursuit. Players need to try to suppress their emotions in the face of fear. Find a way to leave the house safely. While being able to be killed at any time by letting himself be discovered. An extremely difficult challenge, when one not only must suffer psychological torture but also have to be quick to judge in situations.

Download Granny 3 Mod – Evade Hide Find A Way To Escape From The Scary House

Granny 3 hack is an extremely scary game with many creepy elements. Therefore, players must determine the cases that may be encountered when participating in the game. To prepare a strong spirit, ready to challenge with the escape. When being brought into a house with a very spooky scene. Covered in darkness, there is almost no light, only sound can travel. It looks small, but it’s like a maze, it’s easy to get in, but it’s extremely difficult to get out. Not to mention there will be pursued by the grandmother. With a horror shape, a black face, ready to kill people brutally when caught. There is only one way to survive when a counterattack is impossible. Do your best to run away, and rely on judgment to find a safe hiding place. Only escape from the house is the way to survive.

Game Granny Mod

Follow It Step By Step

Entering the game Granny 3 and opening the door is impossible. Things are not so simple but need to go through a whole process. Because you will need a key. But the difficulty here is not knowing where it is hidden in the house. Players will need to search each place one by one while being subject to the constant pursuit of the grandmother. Not to mention with each place there will be certain difficulties. To enter the room, you also need the key to be able to open the door. Not just one type, but several types. For example, the correct password must be entered. The game will also have certain hints, but to break the solution is not simple. And time is often quite rarely always have to escape.

Granny Mod

Move With Care

When challenging the sensibility with Granny 3 Mod. Outside players who have to use their brains to think, also need to be careful in the process of moving. In a dark house where it is almost impossible to see, the only sound is decisive. With a quiet designed space, it only takes a little noise to detect the location. If the player has that ability, the grandmother is no exception. Just move quickly or drop something even very small. Will also reveal the location, no exception. At that time, quickly move to another place or find a place to hide carefully. Because it only takes a few seconds for that evil grandmother to reach the source of the noise. If to be caught, everything will be over, that’s for sure.

Ear Granny Mod

Backward Weapons

Hack Granny 3 looks so simple. Designed with escape gameplay but the counterattack is completely normal. It’s not always possible to avoid a grandmother’s gaze. Surely there will be times when they will be discovered, but it is not possible to have their hands tied and wait to be killed. There will be defensive weapons that the player can use to attack. The game creates quite a few types, typically among them are crossbows or baseball bats. Of course, it won’t be possible to kill, but you can avoid getting caught. Make the challenge end early. That is if you know how to use it correctly. But is it better than nothing, when everything is too scary for life, it is always under threat.

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In the game Granny 3 is the most important thing in life. If to be killed everything will end and have to start over. Although that is something no one wants, for this scary horror game, it is completely normal. The difficulty is designed to be extremely high, the evil grandmother is designed to be extremely sensitive. Players can be detected very easily if even a slight opening is revealed. But to die a lot is also extremely inhibited, before you have time to play, you have to return to the starting point. That’s why we built an immortal mod feature to give players the full experience.

Download Granny 3 MOD APK (Menu/Dumb Bot, Immortal) 2023

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