GT Manager Mod 1.88.3 (Menu, Unlimited Boost)

By MinhDuc - New update 07/03/2024
GT Manager Mod 1.88.3 (Menu, Unlimited Boost)
Name GT Manager
Version v1.88.3
Size 360MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Boosts
Support Android 5.1
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers The Tiny Digital Factory


GT Manager Mod is a professional racing game. Management will be your main job. In order to develop your racing team, participate in major tournaments. Different from the usual racing games. The publisher released a lot of different unique features. Players must build a racing team, research, and search for the best cars. Of famous car brands in the world. Besides, the simulated graphics and sound quality are very impressive. Along with the realistic views, will bring you an extremely interesting experience. Let’s explore the game below.

Download GT Manager Mod – Manage Racing Teams To Participate In Competitions

When entering the game, GT Manager Mod turns you into a commander.  Have to do a lot of different tasks. Especially to assist the driver, because they cannot observe the direction of the opponent very often . While still having to focus on driving, keep the best condition of the car.  Therefore, the racers need an assistant to be able to successfully complete all roads. In addition, you have to compete with a lot of other players, according to the game modes. Like sprint racing, endurance … is held through 11 races. Depending on the style of play you choose, there will be different requirements. Take part in practice, to improve your skills on the racetrack. Present yourself as a professional team manager. Come up with top-notch tactics that surprise your opponents. Defeat all other teams and win lots of rewards.Download GT Manager Mod

The process takes place in the race

Coming to GT Manager Mod, players cannot control or move the vehicle’s direction as they want. Because every racing car is operated automatically on a pre-routed terrain. On the track, there will also be countless tasks and requirements that you have to fulfill. Over time, the material will gradually run out. At this point, the player will have to move into the repair area to refuel. As well as check the parts on the car. There will be a team doing a variety of tasks. For refueling and testing. Keep your car in good working order and move safely to the finish line. After completing each lap. Players will receive rewards and trophies corresponding to the rank they achieved.GT Manager Mod

Finding sponsors, building a base

Just like in reality. Then in GT Manager Mod racing teams will also need sponsors. For a racing team to become big, a lot of funding is needed. This means that the player must actively seek out companions. Thereby getting them to invest and support to build and spend many different amounts. However, you need to research and choose the right sponsor. Because not everyone agrees to spend money to invest in your team. After obtaining the money, the player will have to proceed with the construction of facilities. To improve the performance of racing cars. As well as enhancing the rider’s stats. Also, research new parts to equip the car. Or use items collected from races to recycle. At that time, a professional manager will help a lot in the process of improving the racing team.GT Manager Mod game

Famous sports cars with 3D graphic design

The vehicle system in GT Manager Mod is also extremely diverse. Inspired by world-famous car brands. Countless different brands such as Porsche, Audi, Corvette, Mercedes, McLaren, etc. Each car has its own specifications, depending on the purpose and requirements of each player. In addition, you can also upgrade to enhance the power and performance of the car. However, to do that it is necessary to collect booster cards. Through high achievements at each track or buy at the game’s storage system. As a team manager, you also realize that growth strategy is the most important factor. It is important to know the weather conditions. As well as compare detailed stats of your team and the opponent team. From there, it will help the racing team operate at its best and go further in the future.GT Manager Mod

GT Manager Mod provides players with extremely realistic 3D graphics. From the perspective of a team manager, the image is extremely vivid and sharp. Combined with a quality sound system, extremely vibrant from the technical room. Promises to bring players the best experience and extremely interesting.

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