Hitmasters Mod 1.20.2 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/04/2024
Hitmasters Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Hitmasters
Version v1.20.2
Size 80MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Playgendary Limited


Pitmasters Mod is a stress-relieving entertainment game that is very suitable for you to experience. Daily tasks make your mind always in a state of headache and fatigue. You need a quick entertainment game that doesn’t need to invest too much time. Then this is definitely not a bad choice for you right now. With simple gameplay but brings more fun than ever to join. Along with the convenience of being able to play anywhere and anytime. 5-10 minutes is also enough for you to regain energy when participating in this game. A game that you won’t be able to miss.

Download Hitmasters Mod – The Ultimate Sniper Assassin

Pitmasters Mod is a game that you can join for free. Appears on both Android and iOS operating systems. That alone shows how accessible it is when you join. The game is a puzzle game on each level, this is not a dramatic action game. You will control the direction of shooting your assassin character gun. To be able to destroy all opponents on a game screen. But the number of bullets is always limited, so you will need to think carefully before launching a shot. Sometimes the number of opponents will be able to appear more for the amount of ammo you have. Conquer those levels by getting more creative when shooting at objects that can cause chain damage. That way will make 1 bullet can destroy many opponents at the same time.

Tai Hitmasters Mod

High Calculus Game

Pitmasters Mod is an entertaining game where you don’t have to always stare at the phone screen. Shots can be fired whenever you are sure of that decision. The dynamics of the game is if it’s entertaining. If you need to complete something, you can also leave the status silent without worrying about losing your turn. This is a highly computational game, not an action game. To be able to complete the most difficult levels later. You will need to observe the terrain very carefully, creating delicate and beautiful projectiles. To be able to create the maximum damage of each shot.

Hitmasters Mod

Various Features

Pitmasters Mod is a game where you can change a lot of things. Feel free to choose your assassin character’s costumes and shapes. There are many different character styles waiting for you in the game’s store. You need to spend a lot of money to be able to own costumes at different prices. Along with that, you can also change the gun of your character. Each type of weapon will bring different damage when launching bullets with special effects. Changing weapons will also partly help you complete the level more easily.

Download Hitmasters Mod

Game Graphics

Pitmasters Mod is a game made with 2D graphics. Giving you the smoothest experience with very little lag. The 2D graphics make the game lighter, so it should be able to work well on most devices. The animation in the game is also done in a very cute way, nothing called ferociously. From the assassin character to the opponents are also made in the most lovely way. After each wins a game screen. Your character will dance to celebrate this victory. This dance will change differently through each victory stage. Along with when you change the character, the dance also becomes a lot new.

Game Hitmasters Mod

You will get extremely interesting features when you download the game version of Hitmasters Mod. Owning an unlimited amount of money will help you a lot in the journey to conquer the limit of the game. When owning this unlimited amount of money already. The equipment in the shop will belong to you without much effort. Owning different powerful weapons will help you win the game easily. Along with that, the assassin characters with different special styles will also belong to you. Constantly changing characters will keep you from getting bored when participating in the game.

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