Merge Dragons Mod 11.4.2 (Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/05/2024
Merge Dragons Mod {{version}} (Free Shopping)
Name Merge Dragons
Version v11.4.2
Size 133MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Support Android 4.1+
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Gram Games Limited


Merge Dragons Mod is a puzzle genre game with simple but addictive gameplay. The game offers players more than 180 levels. So that you can freely explore the magical lands. By matching them with your fingers. Create magic to restore lands destroyed by evil enemies. Restore the cursed land to its original beauty. There are hundreds of species waiting for you to discover, from trees, flowers, grass, statues, and dragons,… You just need to combine 3 similar items to upgrade that item. So you can take the magic with you wherever you go. Turn the barren land into a beautiful forest. You will be the angel of all creatures, the king of the forest. And the rewards that you will get are treasures, bonuses, and even trophies.

Download Merge Dragons Mod – Restore the barren lands

Dragons and giant creatures are known from mythological novels and have gradually been included in many different movie titles. In the game, Merge Dragons Mod dragons are depicted as winged creatures flying in the sky. They have extremely fierce faces. But when they are still young dragons, they are very cute. You will experience watching dragons grow up. Combine 3 eggs to form a baby dragon. Continuing to merge baby dragons will become an adult dragons. Or combining 3 similar creatures will create a larger creature. Let’s restore the lands and rebuild them.

Merge Dragons Mod

Restore the land of dragons

In Merge Dragons Mod, there is an extremely beautiful land that is the Land of Dragonia. It is ruled by dragons, the most massive and powerful creatures. But the beauty of the land has attracted many enemies with plans to dominate this land. Among them were zomblins who came to spread fear and terror. Destroy the most beautiful forests and imprison the pure evolution of dragons. Your main task in this game is to help the land restore the evolution of dragons. Now you must act to restore this land and save the dragons from extinction. Your job is to combine at least 3 similar items to open a new level. For example, you can combine 3 small trees to make one bigger tree. Combine 3 flowers to make a more beautiful and bigger flower. Combine 3 baby dragons to become an adult dragon.

Merge Dragons Mod

Expand the land and repel those who want to rule the land

The land in Merge Dragons Mod will constantly expand to many different locations and gradually appear from behind the fog. As you level up, you can unlock new lands and new creatures. Dragon eggs are more and more diverse, and trees and flowers are also very rich. Use them to evolve new and more advanced species. Revive the cursed lands. In addition, you also play online mode to visit your friends’ lands. Players can share gifts. To enrich the creatures in your land. Plus, connecting with friends adds to the fun. You can interact and learn from your friends to find game tips. Or join friends on unique game events to earn great rewards. Constantly evolving creatures in the land to have strength against the forces of evil.

Game Merge Dragons Mod

Reward system

The best part about this game is the rewards. Merge Dragons Mod has an extremely diverse and attractive reward system. The first is the level reward, the higher the level, the more valuable the reward. In addition, you can get rewards from time to time. There is a mysterious chest on the main screen. Where you can get any gift after a certain time. The more valuable the gift, the longer the waiting time. That is one reason that will cause players to have to time themselves to open gifts. Even when not competing, players still have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards.

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Graphics system

Merge Dragons Mod has a beautiful 3D graphics system. Vibrant colors, and vivid images. Dragonia Valley is as beautiful as a wonderland. Every detail is meticulously designed. Especially the image of dragons since they were eggs. Then hatch a baby dragon and then evolve into a large dragon. Everything is described very realistically and vividly in this game.

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