Prankster 3D Mod 6.4.4 (Gold Free)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
Prankster 3D Mod {{version}} (Gold Free)
Name Prankster 3D
Version v6.4.4
Size 1G
MOD Features Free Gold
Support Android 5.0+
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Z & K Games


Prankster 3D mod is a puzzle genre game. Players can engage in fun pranks and have unique destructive ways. If you are looking for an interesting game. A game with fun experiences. Let’s start with this game you will probably love it. The player pranked the teacher with extremely attractive activities and traps. Rest assured that this prank is not wrong. Because this is no ordinary teacher. And she is an extremely cruel teacher, specializing in torturing children. You will have to punish her so that you can avenge the children. In the game, there will be many unique missions that will challenge you.

Download Prankster 3D Mod – Become a naughty student to tease the evil teacher

Starting with Prankster 3D you will be playing the role of a schoolboy named Nick. With a bunch of fun pranks to teach Miss T, commonly known as Scary Teacher a lesson. Chapter 2 offers great opportunities to troll her with hilarious jokes she couldn’t have imagined before. Take revenge by pranking her. Sneak into her living room. Destroy everything to make her mad. At each level, she does a number of different jobs. You have to mess up his work with unexpected twists and turns. Are you naughty enough to prank her? Prepare the coolest pranks by choosing the right options and seeing the results. Start playing and you’ll keep teasing her at every level. Fun pranks for you to plan and execute.

Prankster 3D Mod

New attractive gameplay

Prankster 3D is A puzzle game with unique gameplay. It has gained a huge following around the world. Unlike traditional casual games. Prankster 3D only requires you to read the beginner’s guide. So you can easily get started with the whole game. Play and enjoy the fun this classic game has to offer. At the same time, it is a platform for lovers of destructive, naughty games. In addition, the game also allows you to communicate and share with all other players in the world through the Prankster 3D game community.

Ear Prankster 3D Mod

Create many interesting stories

Coming to Prankster 3D, players can experience many new and unprecedented feelings. Based on their own creativity, players can come up with the most interesting jokes. This creates a series of new and unique jokes. Follow each other and bring you many wonderful experiences. Your pranks are made to tease the cruel teacher. Plan everything carefully. Because if you get caught, you will lose your life. Players can invent many new jokes to sabotage and irritate the teacher. You can come up with many unique and fascinating vandalism games with your own rich thinking. Every story in the game is built by you with many different details.

Game Prankster 3D Mod

Diverse game modes

When participating in Prankster 3D, players can experience the game with many different game modes. Each game mode gives you a different experience and ensures you never get bored while playing. Players can also search for the latest vandals to enjoy and enjoy the fruits of. You will enjoy playing with difficult challenges. Players continue their journey to prank the teacher and enjoy many pranks in different game modes. The game is simple but gives you a lot of real feelings. Players can enjoy many levels through exciting game modes with different missions. Each game screen has a certain difficulty to create an interesting feeling for the player.

download Prankster 3D Mod

Graphics system

Prankster 3D has a unique art style and extreme graphics. High-quality maps and characters make this game attractive to a large number of players. The game has adopted the mod and made other bold updates. With more advanced technology, the gaming experience on the screen has been greatly improved. Still keeping the normal style, maximizing the player’s sensory experience. With the free gold feature, players can buy all the necessary items. Items that can help you set traps to anger the teacher. Items are essential at each level. It will be the key to helping you win.

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