Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK 1.0.10 (Unlimited Full Money, Free Rewards)

By MinhDuc - New update 12/01/2024
Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK 1.0.10 (Unlimited Full Money, Free Rewards)
Name Ice Scream Tycoon
Version v1.0.10
Size 72MB
MOD Features Unlimited Full Money, Free Rewards
Support Android 6.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Campero Games


Do you know the famous Keplerian Ice Scream story? The Ice Scream Tycoon MOD APK was created based on that. But in a completely new way of playing. Joining, the player will take the role of the subject captured by Rod Sullivan. An extremely cruel character, he will force you to serve, and find a way to put the company into operation. While that guy does other work, carrying out his own evil intentions. There is no other chance but submission. It may be difficult at first, but don’t give up. That can also be seen as part of the challenge. There will always be a given resource to start with. It is important to know how to grasp, not hesitate to invest, and improve. If the production of the familiar ice cream is really good ensures the requirements. Therefore, earning high profits will not be out of the question.

Download Ice Scream Tycoon Mod – Running a Company That Never Stops Producing Ice Cream

From the outside, you may feel that game Ice Scream Tycoon has rather difficult gameplay. But the reality is completely different. When the game is built in the genre of idle development. Almost everything has been optimized by the developer. Joining the player simply has to pick and do the little chores. Everything else will be completed automatically. The line is continuously operated with many different stages. For the final result to be created, the ice cream cones are of sufficient quality. From there, complete the orders to earn multiple coins and gems. Make profits keep increasing continuously, in a perfect cycle. The more you invest, the bigger the return. Towards becoming a large ice cream company. Guaranteed to meet the wishes of boss Rod Sullivan.

Tai Ice Scream Tycoon Mod

Special How To Play

In simulation games, job management in the idle style is not too rare. Ice Scream Tycoon Mod is just one of many other games that follow this genre. However, the game also has its own unique attractions that players cannot ignore. The ultimate goal is still the same, earn a lot of money and constantly develop the scale of production. But the process is completely different. Entering the game here is not only about choosing, but also requires a lot of movement. There will be certain boxes where products are provided, where goods are placed and money for consumption. Players need to follow the request, go to the collection place, and then bring it to the designated location to return the goods. Going back and forth as a carrier, everything works only when the supply is not broken. This is the main job that players need to perform non-stop.

Ice Scream Tycoon Mod

Various Machines

The game Ice Scream Tycoon is built in the image of an ice cream factory. Therefore, machinery and production lines are indispensable. Players can easily see that the game is made with a lot of variety. From small to large ones, many times bigger than the character. The most visible is the stirring tanks, where the ingredients are mixed. Or the packaging department is controlled by employees. According to the installation, every machine will be performed by a manager on it. Chillers also have a lot, of spoiled for players to explore. Don’t be afraid to spend money without investing, only when you have good machines, the output can be guaranteed.

Download Ice Scream Tycoon Mod

Character Icons

Because, version Ice Scream Tycoon Mod is built on the Keplerian Ice Scream story. Giving up characters in the game is also based on that. With an extremely eye-catching appearance, the image of an ice cream with a face is like a clown. Includes a blue nose, and cheeks are painted with pink dots. Eyes, mouths, and ears are all like the shape of a real human. In addition, there are different expressions based on the situation encountered. For example, anger when being disturbed or happiness when completing a task. The game has no shortage of employees that players can hire. But in terms of character image, there are only two genres. Players can consider as one of them.

Game Ice Scream Tycoon Mod

Ice Scream Tycoon Mod is a modified version to suit the majority of players. When the game has added two special features. The first is unlimited money, ensuring the amount of capital input is not interrupted. Players are free to shop and invest in more machines to help the company grow quickly. Complete the request set by the boss. The rest is a mod without advertising, limiting the spam that will appear. If it’s normal, it doesn’t say anything, but sometimes important things also appear. Decreasing excitement affects the feeling of enjoyment when playing.

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