Modern Warships MOD (Menu, Unlimited ammo, no reload, Money, Full Damage/Defense)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/05/2024
Modern Warships MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited ammo, no reload, Money, Full Damage/Defense)
Name Modern Warships
Version v0.80.0.120515609
Size 99MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited ammo, no reload, Money, Full Damage/Defense
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Artstorm FZE


Modern Warships is a shooting game with a little bit of strategy. Become the captain of a warship that sets sail on the high seas and destroys other enemies. What’s different about this game is the way you control the ship and the physics of the bullets. You will need to align the distance when the enemy moves and the time it takes your cannonball to reach that location. Your ADC level can only be more accurate based on experience through each match. Is an action game that gives players a high level of drama experience. Download the game now to be the captain of the most powerful ship on the high seas.

Download Modern Warships Mod – Battle at sea with Modern Warships

Modern Warships is a game that flows in the new generation of shooting games. The fighting shooting games become too boring for you, then this genre will be suitable for you to try. The game will be played in a calm manner, without being too quick, but requiring high accuracy. You will move your boat to move in a reasonable way to attack. But it is still possible to dodge enemy bullets when they are flying. Your line of sight to the enemy boat looks close, but it’s actually very far away. So you can still see the trajectory of the projectile flying to a certain small amount of time to decide the direction of your ship. There are many challenges and interesting features for you to explore in this game.


Endless War

Enemies in the game Modern Warships Mod are lurking around the map. Enemies will not appear on the map or in front of your vision. You will need to move find them and pit them against these moving machine guns. Not only one enemy, but more than one spawn at the same time. Be careful with your every move, making the decision to fight or back is still a smart decision. To minimize damage and maximum risk, we will need to see how the enemy ship’s equipment is. Knowing people who know me hundreds of battles and hundreds of victories, I can’t go to war indiscriminately.


Interesting Features

To be able to make your ship stronger in Modern Warships. You need to always upgrade your ship with the items in the shop. More heavy guns are always available in the store for you to own. Or the equipment to increase the speed of the ship is also necessary for you to pay attention to. Along with that are things that can make your ship change in image and color. The ship seems to become stronger when it reaches the shape style you desire to own. Purchase these items with in-game currency. You will earn money by doing in-game quests or winning each match.

Download MODERN WARSHIPS Sea Battle Mod

In-Game Graphics

Version Modern Warships Mod has a set of meticulously cared for 3D graphics. You will feel a very realistic viewing angle and high detail. The boats from far away on the map, you can still see them very sharply. The scene in the game is also made with extremely high realism. It must be said that this is a mobile game, but the graphics are not inferior to those on specialized gaming devices. The sound system is also excellent when it comes to inspiring you to experience more. The sound of the boat running on the sea along with the gunfire will make you more dramatic and excited.


Using the Modern Warships version will give you a lot of useful things. Is a game where you will use the ship’s gun to respond to the enemy’s attack. But the number of bullets is limited, so you have to think twice when making a decision to shoot. In the Mod version this game will give you the feature of infinite ammo. You can now launch projectiles that you think can damage enemy ships. Or if you miss, it will be okay, because now your number of ammo is unlimited. You can still redo your decision.

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