Download Om Nom: Run MOD 1.18.10 (Unlimited Money, Full Gold, Unlocked All Characters) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 02/02/2024
Om Nom: Run MOD 1.18.10 (Unlimited Money, Full Gold, Unlocked All Characters)
Name Om Nom: Run
Version v1.18.10
Size 83MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Gold, Unlocked All Characters
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers ZeptoLab


Om Nom: Run MOD APK is a highly entertaining action-style game. Created and developed by the ZeptoLab team. Right from the name of the game says the whole game. Joining the player will play as one of two characters named Om Nom or his friend Om Nelle. Built with looks based on the Cut the Rope game! very famous. Challenge with races, and run on roads where many obstacles stand in the way. Show ability, and agility in reflexes to find ways to move the farthest distance possible. To get high scores based on distance traveled, prove yourself to be the best. Of course, the game will not have an endpoint but only run and run. Always exceed your own limits, and compete with others when achieving high results.

Download Om Nom: Run Mod – Run With All Your Power To Reach The Farthest Distance

To tell the truth, there are many games by genre and gameplay like Om Nom: Run created before. Typically, two games Temple Run and Subway Surfers are the leading games in this genre. With easy gameplay can grasp. Players will be able to participate in long-distance races with the character of their choice. With the job of jogging on a pre-designed path. With obstacles scattered everywhere, constantly appearing when moving. And of course, if you don’t want to end the game early, you have to find a way to avoid it. It can be by jumping very high or lowering the body to overcome obstacles. It is also possible to simply avoid the side with the gap. But the key point is to react quickly. Handle the right situation when it suddenly appears. With the sole purpose of running as far as possible.

Tai Om Nom Run Mod

Support Items

On the roads to run in the game Om Nom: Run Mod will have a lot of items that can be picked up. It will bring items with different abilities. If you know how to use it properly, it will definitely help a lot. Quickly run fast, and reach long distances without any obstacles. Or when making a mistake that leads to a near loss, it can completely create a miracle. Turn the situation around, and survive to be able to continue the journey. For example, the magnet is used to attract the coins on the road when encountered. Fireworks help increase power, the sled can give the player an extra chance. Aim to score the highest score, and put your name on the ranking board with the leading position.

About Nom Run Mod

Character Appearance

To be able to attract players, game makers need to break through the style. Create a striking difference on the game Om Nom: Run than other games of the same genre. Based on changing the character’s appearance in special ways. Create a novelty as a highlight to attract people to try the game experience. With countless different costumes to choose from, create a beautiful character for yourself. Being the embodiment in the game to let players role-play, and admire the new change. Make the challenge of running on the road more interesting with more colors. Get rid of the boredom caused by the old points.

Download Om Nom Run Mod

Explore Many Amazing Places

Om Nom: Run Mod was built with an extremely long road, almost without seeing the end. That’s why it makes a difference, even though it’s just a road, the scenery will change once with each move. Sometimes on the tram, at other times factories and factories appear. Bring all kinds of different colors for players to immerse themselves in the game. Feel the peace of mind. And of course, every location is randomly arranged. Not in a certain sequence, with each run will bring a new feeling.

Game Om Nom Run Mod

Unlock and unlimited money is two special features added in Om Nom: Run Mod game. With the purpose of helping players can buy any item they want. Just found it to help with running. Make the challenges easier to achieve high results. No need to waste time and effort. As well as the unlock mod so that players can open up a lot of new looks for the character. Free to be able to own, have many options to build up characters with many different styles.

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