SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

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SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited Money)
Version 1.4.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 59MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher MADFINGER Games


Are you ready for a new journey with endless battles in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod? Is the second part in the samurai action game series of publisher MADFINGER Games. In this version, the action scenes will become more. Still like the first part of the game you play as a samurai. Join the journey of revenge for the woman killed by Orochi. Your arch-enemy. But first, you need to improve your fighting skills. Learn how to combine skill combinations to create a chain of combos. Your enemies will become stronger and more numerous with each level. Therefore, you also have to improve your combat experience. Master every battlefield situation with your ancient sword. Venture through many dangerous lands and defeat every enemy along the way. Don’t hesitate,

Download SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod – Role-playing as a samurai on a quest to destroy the enemy

If you have ever played SAMURAI I, you will definitely have to try this second version. SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod was improved by the publisher and added a lot of new features. And of course, the eye-catching action gameplay remains the same. This gameplay will satisfy all players with eye-catching skill effects. The game context changes flexibly through each game screen. Enemies with many unique looks and styles of Japanese martial artists. All will bring you to the classic fighting feeling. Where the samurai really dominate the battlefield. Challenges are always waiting for you to conquer. So how many gates can you conquer?


Daisuke’s Journey

Starting to step into SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod you will meet a samurai named Daisuke. You will have to accompany him. In the battle journey through the ancient levels. The goal of this journey is to destroy all those who killed Daisuke’s wife. And you complete tasks as well as receive rewards, titles,… This journey is divided into many different levels. In each level, you have to face many enemies at the same time on the battlefield. From the village lanes to the ring and beyond. Each location has its own story for you to discover. Get a better understanding of the war context at that time.


While fighting, you control your samurai with the buttons on the screen. You need a flexible combination of movement, attack, and defense. Any attack must be identified and quick to be effective. If you hesitate, you can always get hit because the enemy is always nearby. Focus on the enemy’s weak points such as the head, legs, and abdomen. Using dangerous attacks and unprotected parts, you can quickly knock down your opponents. At the same time, you should attack weak targets first. The final attack must take place in a 1v1 confrontation with the strongest on the battlefield.

Create flexible combos

Your journey in SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod will be updated from time to time. Dealing with increasingly complex challenges requires a drastic shift in strength. Unlock and create new attack combos and improve the health of your warriors. That is the top priority on this dangerous battle journey. At the same time, you should regularly practice the skills really well. To increase your experience and level to a new level of shift. The game will also provide players with many opportunities. Let you show this.


Graphics and sound system

To deliver breathtaking action sequences. The publisher of the game SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE designed the graphics system based on 3D graphics. Make backgrounds, character images, and scenes all very realistic. The skill effects are extremely vivid. Besides the smoothness of each movement. There is also an extremely attractive sound system. Make the battles even more intense.


SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Mod will be the right choice for gamers who love action games. It’s a real battlefield where you can immerse yourself in flashy action. Use combo attacks and moves flexibly. You will defeat all the enemies along the way. And claim your legendary samurai title. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your mobile phone? To become the greatest and most powerful samurai in history.

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