Scary Robber Home Clash Mod APK 1.30 (Unlimited Coins, Stars, Energy)

By genzvnmod Leader - Latest update: 02/10/2023
Scary Robber Home Clash Mod APK 1.30 (Unlimited Coins, Stars, Energy)
Name Scary Robber Home Clash
Version 1.30
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Stars, Energy
Size 50MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Z & K Games


Scary Robber Home Clash Mod is a game that simulates many episodes of the extremely popular home-alone movie. Maybe a lot of people will find it familiar when they start participating in this game. Inspired by a famous movie, the publisher has created a game with extremely funny content. You will play the character of a young boy who is protecting his house. There are 2 thieves are sneaking into your house for evil theft purposes. No relatives around, with the body of a boy but very smart and alert. You will enforce traps in your own house. To prevent the theft 2 thieves are roaming inside the house.

Download Scary Robber Home Clash Mod – Dealing With Thieves In Your House

Scary Robber Home Clash Mod is a game that is released completely for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. You will participate in the journey to prevent the bad guys from stealing the body of a boy. It is impossible to defeat them with strength, but you can completely defeat them with the set traps. There will be many levels for you to conquer, with increasing difficulty. Each level will require you to find the key points to set traps in the house. The journey around the house in search of items is more thrilling than ever. When you can encounter 2 bandits while searching, you will lose the level if you do not escape in time.

Download Scary Robber Home Clash Mod

Fun Gameplay

Scary Robber Home Clash Mod is inspired by a comedy, but the developer has created a game that is extremely suspenseful and dramatic. Funny moments only appear when 2 robbers fall into the trap you set. Every time you start a level, your character will move into the house starting from outside the gate. Open the main door and you will discover the tracks left by the two thieves with footprints. The house is quite large with 2 floors and full of different types of rooms. You will go looking for all that can be used to complete the set trap. There will be a small screen so you can track where the robbers are. To be able to get items safely and avoid these thugs thieves.

Game Scary Robber Home Clash Mod

In-Game Features

Scary Robber Home Clash Mod is a game that you will need to think about a lot before making a decision. A wrong decision can also cause you to miss the turn in that level. You will have an energy pile with a certain amount. Each time you fail to complete the task of stopping these thieves, you will lose a stake in the energy bar. It will take a certain amount of time for you to regain energy and continue the game. In the game, you can also use gold coins to be able to use items that help you a lot. Each item will bring you different help, it is necessary to be selective to make the right choices without going to waste.

Scary Robber Home Clash Mod

Game Graphics

Scary Robber Home Clash Mod uses extremely attractive 3D graphics for gamers. You will be quite surprised by the imaging system created by the developer in this game. Like being immersed in a well-invested animated movie. Everything happens with extremely smooth 3D transitions and no lag. The details in the game are done quite well, creating very clear objects. The colors in the game are also realistically depicted compared to our real life. Along with the first angle of the character, your control will bring great interesting experiences.

Scary Robber Home Clash Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Scary Robber Home Clash Mod version of the game. Has unlimited money and can shop for free. It’s something you’ll really need when participating in the game. Now you can buy everything you like in the game store without having to worry about the number of resources you have. Enjoy changing character shapes and different items at this shop. Along with the unlimited money feature will give you an unlimited amount of money. To be able to use all the help without too much hesitation.

Download Scary Robber Home Clash MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Stars, Energy) 2023

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