Slap Kings Mod 1.8.0 (Onehit, Unlimited Coins, No ADS)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/02/2024
Slap Kings Mod 1.8.0 (Onehit, Unlimited Coins, No ADS)
Name Slap Kings
Version v1.8.0
Size 98MB
MOD Features Onehit, Unlimited Coins, No ADS
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


Slap Kings Mod is an extremely interesting entertainment game for you to relax. Is a simulation game of a weird sport in real life. That is the sport of slapping competition, which is popular mainly in western countries. In Vietnam, this is probably a very strange subject just listening to it. But this is a sport that flaunts a lot of man’s strength. Competitions with huge rewards in western countries. Make athletes always practice hard and try their best in every match.

Download Slap Kings Mod – Find the One with the Biggest Hands Power

Slap Kings Mod is a game that is completely free to download on mobile phones. Easy gameplay and highly entertaining will make you addicted anywhere. Easy to play and easy to control, the only thing you need to do when playing is just a few clicks on the phone screen. There will be 2 players facing each other in a match. With alternating slaps created between 2 opponents. What you need to do is align the strength that your character unleashes. There is a clock that runs repeatedly, the equivalent power from low to high. If you press it correctly, it should be in the highest needle stroke range. Your character will launch a slap with critical damage. Each player will have a stat bar showing their health. The winner will be the one who pulls the opponent’s health bar back to 0.

Download Slap Kings Mod

The game begins

Slap Kings Mod is a game with a very little manipulation and you will easily understand the rules from the first levels. Your first opponents will be the weakest. You will simply pass them no matter what line you click. But the game won’t go so smoothly forever. When going through a few stages with those weak opponents. Big hands with heavy strength are waiting for you ahead. If the first opponents have only 100, 200 health bars. Then the next opponents will probably have 2 or more times that health. It will require you to manipulate in the most precise way to launch the shots with the optimal amount of power.

Ear Slap Kings Mod

Upgrading Yourself

To be able to conquer the most powerful opponents in the game Slap Kings Mod. You will also need to upgrade yourself so that you don’t lose too much to your opponents. Use in-game gold to increase your health. Blood will be the most important thing to help you maintain the most optimal time. The more blood you buy, the more money it will cost. Work hard to collect the coins by completing the assigned tasks. Winning opponents is also a way for you to earn these coins. Be balanced when using coins to buy blood. Because you need to keep yourself an amount of money to be able to give blood to strong opponents later.

Game Slap Kings Mod

Graphics And Sound Of The Game

Slap Kings Mod is designed with a graphic set with extremely funny images. It sounds like a violent game with painful hits. But no, when you join you will see the humor of the game. Through the image of the characters in the game. The players changed to funny faces when they were slapped. You’ll have more fun making your opponent wince in pain. The set of 3D graphics is created with the camera angles moved around the match. Details are made just enough to create a smooth experience, without the phenomenon of staggered. The sound effects of the slaps seem to give you a hidden source of power. Increase your positivity when participating in the game.

Slap Kings Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Slap Kings Mod version of the game. Own an unlimited amount of money to spend freely. There is no need to be too frugal when using money to buy blood in matches. Now you can buy blood range drama to play with peace of mind against powerful opponents. Is a great advantage to help you maintain your character for the longest period of time. You will just need to download and join every fight with the most massive amount of health purchased. No more suffering in the period of accumulating these coins.

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