Stickman The Flash Mod 1.76.1 (Immortal, Unlock Maps)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/03/2024
Stickman The Flash Mod 1.76.1 (Immortal, Unlock Maps)
Name Stickman The Flash
Version v1.76.1
Size 35MB
MOD Features Immortal, Maps Unlock
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Game StormHit


Stickman The Flash Mod is an entertaining game with extremely new and fun gameplay and graphics for you to experience. You will become the stickman hero with the most different colors. Destroy all the enemies that stand in your way on the way to conquering the gates. Use your bare hands or the weapons you pick up to deal damage to your opponent. With skills that are displayed in an extremely magical way. Your character will glide like the wind to attack and dodge the opponents in front of you. A game with easy gameplay to control but also very difficult to be able to overcome all the obstacles.

Download Stickman The Flash Mod – Stickman Hero With Ultimate Skills

Stickman The Flash Mod is a game that uses stickman graphics as the main layout for the characters in the game. This type of graphics is also not too strange to us when we have seen many different game versions released. This game will be special in that your character skills will be extremely classy. Will captivate you from the first time you join the game. Magical flash skills continuously, parallel to each flash is an attack. The effects are done extremely well compared to the rest of the genre. It will be a game that you cannot miss to experience.

Stickman The Flash Mod

Easy Gameplay

Stickman The Flash Mod is a game released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. You will join the game completely for free without spending any money. Game with extremely easy gameplay so you can learn how to use it quickly. When you first join, you will receive certain instructions from the developer. There is nothing too special, the skills are performed extremely easily. Through the gestures on your mobile screen, it is important to execute them correctly. To be able to absolutely dodge enemy attacks and deal damage to them quickly.

Download Stickman The Flash Mod

Various Weapons

Stickman The Flash Mod has a lot of different weapons for you to experience as diverse as possible. These weapons will drop randomly when you fight enemies. Pick them up by moving them to the location where the weapon was dropped on the map. There will be weapons such as Knives, swords, axes … with different levels of damage and slashing effects. Picking up any weapon will increase your strength significantly. In addition to weapons, you can also upgrade your strength and skills to deal more damage after each match. By the number of resources collected when killing enemies. Upgrade yourself stronger to easily face the more formidable enemies ahead.

Game Stickman The Flash Mod

Game Graphics

Stickman The Flash Mod uses 2D graphics with animations made extremely beautiful and beautiful for you. The character in the game made in the form of a stickman is no longer too strange. Your character will stand out from the competition when owning black and the opponent is gray and white. The boss here will be made in a different color from you and also different from normal enemies. To show the strength that was not on par with other ordinary soldiers. The surroundings are made in a dark and mysterious way. The dark gray colors are made mysteriously to make you feel more interesting when playing.

Stickman The Flash Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the game version of Stickman The Flash Mod. With the feature of immortality and unlocking maps that cannot be opened at the beginning. You will experience features that in the regular version will not be possible. With the immortal feature, the enemy will not be able to destroy you in any way. Can’t lower your health bar at all. Your job is now just to fight until you destroy all the opponents. Along with the feature of unlocking all maps, you will experience a much more diverse experience. You can play all levels right from the start without having to go through each stage one by one.

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