Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK 1.77 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Power, Level, Auto Breaking)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 16/09/2023
Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK 1.77 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Power, Level, Auto Breaking)
Name Tap Tap Breaking
Version 1.77
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Power, Level, Auto Breaking
Size 50MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher ODAAT Studio


Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK is a very good game to be entertained. The gameplay seems to be quite bullshit, but it is strongly addictive to the community. Have you ever thought that you would use your bare hands to break a high mountain in half? Probably not, right? But when it comes to the this game, it’s different, you will be smashing everything in the universe. In the first levels are quite simple challenges to get used to like pieces of wood, sticks. The next level, the difficulty level will gradually increase. With objects that you need to cut, they will get bigger and harder. Like a block of concrete, a rock, a mountain, or a giant planet

Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod – Chop everything in this universe with your bare hands

The more you play, the difficulty level of Tap Tap Breaking hack will increase. But do not worry because your character will also be upgraded to increase strength. You can upgrade 3 stats: strength, health, health recovery rate per second. Specifically, each time you use your hand to break an object. You will receive a bonus corresponding to the amount of damage dealt. Accordingly, the health is reduced, and can not continue if the health line reaches 0. And need to rest to recover. But you can upgrade the speed of health regeneration, to quickly return to the next challenge. Try your hand at hundreds of difficulties to assert your name on the world rankings.

Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod

Variety of objects

Starting the game Tap Tap Breaking, you will be familiar with the practice mode. Here there will be quite light and simple objects to challenge you. Like thin wooden boards, small sticks, then small bricks. When you have broken more wooden boards, your strength has also been increased. New objects will be unlocked in the next levels. The difficulty will increase with the thickness, hardness, and size of the object. It could be a dragon ball, a rock, a mountain. Or the diamond, the alien skull. It could also be an entire planet like the moon. Those are the challenges for the king of destruction across the universe.

Tải Tap Tap Breaking Mod

Upgrade your character to be stronger

Along with the gradual increase in the difficulty of the challenges. Tap Tap Breaking Mod will allow you to upgrade your power score so you can pass the challenge. But it’s not just about upgrading anyway. Requires you to calculate to balance between factors. There are 3 attributes that need to be upgraded: strength, health, and recovery rate per second. I recommend that you upgrade all 3 of these attributes equally. To experience overcoming challenges to be more synchronized and comfortable. For example, you only upgrade the power and ignore the recovery rate. Then after a few levels, the character is injured and you will have to wait a long time to start a new challenge.

Game Tap Tap Breaking Mod

Multiple game modes

Hack Tap Tap Breaking will have 3 game modes for you. The first is a training mode for new gamers. To get used to the game, get used to the challenges, learn how to break objects. With a lot of challenges, creating a long journey. But still less than the 2nd mode, Challenge mode. With so many sub-stages, each stage is an object. The number of objects increases gradually for 10 consecutive rounds. Pass all 10 rounds and you have won the reward and move on to the next stage. Of course, it’s no longer wooden panels. Instead, bigger, harder things will be unlocked.

Finally, the Golden Bar, this mode takes place while you are in a violent state. Cut and slash quickly because this is your chance to make money. With each slash, each object will bring you a lot of bonuses.

Hack Tap Tap Breaking Mod

Game Tap Tap Breaking is a simulation game, popular, easy to play and very fun. With quite simple gameplay, just tap tap on the screen. And you were able to smash everything with just one hand. It is this seemingly impossible thing that has created an irresistible attraction for players. Combined with 2D graphics with meticulously designed images. Quality sound with upbeat music, or the exhilarating sounds of an object being broken by you. Tap Tap Breaking Mod now has unlimited money feature. Help you easily upgrade strength, upgrade recovery speed. Promises to bring great entertainment moments.

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