This War of Mine Mod APK 1.6.2 b951 (Unlocked DLC)

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This War of Mine Mod APK 1.6.2 b951 (Unlocked DLC)
Name This War of Mine
Version v1.6.2 b951
Size 526MB
MOD Features Unlocked DLC
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers 11 bit studios


This War of Mine is a simulation and role-playing game. You will be immersed in fierce wars. Will take on the role of managing a group while the survivor is struggling to survive day by day. Your mission is to help as many people survive as long as possible. Through the important missions assigned in the game. It is you who will make decisions to solve the problems that occur around you. The game is designed with a unique hand-drawn style. Along with the attractive, lively sound will immerse you in the majestic and heroic anecdotes. In this game, you will see children, and rich people, … all suffer the same fate. That is to suffer from hunger and cold, without a home, and always in danger of life. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your device ?

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In this game, you are not a soldier fighting for any side. Instead, he will play the role of a commoner in the village. Live in peace but a disaster has struck the village. Bodies were scattered everywhere and people’s desire to live was stronger than ever. You must complete thousands of difficult challenges and face the enemies ahead. The necessities for your survival are food, water, and medicine. Try to conquer all difficulties. Overcome yourself to survive in a cruel world, devoid of humanity.

This War of Mine Mod

Small note: The plot of This War of Mine is not entirely based on a true story or historical event. The game publisher has confirmed this information.

Gather the survivors into a party

Enter the game This War of Mine Mod, will be introduced to his story. The game will tell you what to do next. Specifically, you will be the leader of a group of people trying to survive in a besieged city. Your group of people includes all walks of life, from children, men, women, old people or maybe soldiers. Requires a clever strategy to find a way to survive.

game This War of Mine Mod

Daytime takes place in the game This War of Mine. Armed people outside will try to capture your group to rob supplies. Therefore, the best way is to stay in the hiding area and focus on maintaining and improving the facilities here. You can divide the work among everyone to make weapons together, exchange food and resources, and take care of the wounded,… When night falls, you set out to find food and other animals. other survivors. You need to choose people who are agile and brave to go to find necessities with you. But even when night falls, it’s still dangerous outside. So be very careful and choose safe routes to go.

Make your own decisions

Coming to This War of Mine Mod you will have to decide everything yourself. Help the survivors survive in the cruel war world. Each level of the game will change continuously, causing you many difficulties. So you will have to get used to everything in the game. From starting a team to survive to manage them. As a commander, you will have to be really decisive in all situations. Every mistake will pay very dearly. So please think carefully before making important decisions. Every decision you make will lead to different results. Therefore each player will have a different story of their own. What are you waiting for without downloading this game right away to have dramatic moments in every adventure?

tai This War of Mine Mod

Graphics and sound system

Surely the graphics and sound system of This War of Mine will surprise you. First of all, about the graphics, the scene of this War of Mine Mod game has a gloomy and dark feeling. Shows the chilling chill of brutal wars. With extremely excellent and realistic graphics that clearly depict the devastation and heavy destruction that war brings.

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The details in This War of Mine Mod are extremely delicately designed by the publisher. Make players feel like they are immersed in wars. With the overview, you can see all the dangers ahead to make important decisions. Or you may see vulnerable spots that can serve as shelters. Everything you see in the game is designed to be realistic and close. In addition, the sound of the game is also very similar to the real-life war scene. For example, gunfire, tanks, helicopters, bombs exploding

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