Download Toilet Games 3D Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlocked) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 29/12/2023
Toilet Games 3D Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlocked)
Name Toilet Games 3D
Version v1.6.9
Size 71MB
MOD Features Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Gamejam


You are tired of survival action games. Want to experience a new sense of interesting puzzle style? Toilet Games 3D Mod promises to bring moments of fun entertainment. Simple puzzle gameplay. Completely free to play offline. Make it possible for players to play anywhere. Revolving around toilet puzzles. With a lot of different genres taking place on each level. Players need to solve all the questions to conquer the challenge. Win the month to the last level to enjoy the island-breaking feeling. However, there will be very difficult puzzles that require players to use their brains to give the right results.

Download Toilet Games 3D Mod – Solve Interesting Puzzles Revolving around Toilet Theme

Toilet Games 3D Mod has offline gameplay so the question lists are meticulously prepared. Taking place in each level, the questions will be divided according to their own challenges. Bring in an interesting and fun style. The task player must solve the puzzle correctly to pass the round. By applying thinking, and practical skills to give the correct answer. After the challenge can enter the new mode. As a fairly simple and useful game, when going through the rounds, the player has no reward. Instead, it focuses mainly on entertainment issues for players when participating. The difficulty increases further as you get higher levels. The challenge will be much more complicated than before. So the result is only one, so when the player answers incorrectly, he must rejoin the round. Those are the things that make it more interesting.

Toilet Games 3D Mod

Various missions

There are many missions on each level for you to explore. Each task of the Toilet Games 3D Mod is designed quite interestingly. Like pouring feces into the toilet, control the duck to collect toilets in the race. Find the duck from the toilet, and control your finger to flush the toilet. Collect toilet paper rolls on the way, and help the boy find comfort. Or hit the duck to clean the toilet, spray the faucet to attack the duck. And there are many other unique missions waiting for you to discover. Each level takes place in only one challenge. After completing the correct answer, the system will unlock the new level answer with fun missions to help players feel more enjoyable.

Toilet Games 3D Mod

Intelligence, replayable

In Toilet Games 3D Mod to win and complete challenges in levels. The skill of the player plays a very important role. To reach your full potential, you need to continuously improve. But with that comes thinking. Use a holistic view of each skill. From the objects that appear, think logically to get the correct answer. Then follow each step in turn to give the most correct answer. From there can complete the task with excellent achievement. More specifically, during the implementation of the challenges around the toilet puzzle. If you fail, you cannot complete the level. You will be able to play again completely free. Just do a little research and you will get the answer right away. Discover more fun puzzles behind the scenes

Join each level

Starting Toilet Games 3D Mod in the first level you will have to search for a golden duck in a clogged toilet. By tapping and pressing repeatedly, the duck will appear. Continue to move to the second level. A toilet that is clean but soiled by a cockroach. Use the hose to spray the water accurately. Kill the cockroach to complete the mission. Step into the third level in the context of a restroom. Will have to control the toilet to move in a fixed direction to collect the feces. The same goes for moving on to new challenges. Complete turn to be able to win. From there, breaking the island proves you are a genius in puzzles.

game Toilet Games 3D Mod

Toilet Games 3D Mod is graphically designed by the publisher in the form of 3D animation. Should display very bright, and fresh. The game recreates many different environments. Shown through the surrounding landscape under a sweeping perspective. Revolving around toile-themed puzzles, golden duck, toilet-breaking, and more. The picture quality is bold and entertaining. Impressively recreate objects and shapes of characters and ducks. Along with that are funny sound effects. Help you feel entertained during the experience. So what are you waiting for, let’s experience it together.

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