World War 2: Strategy Games MOD 897 (Unlimited money, medals)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/05/2024
World War 2: Strategy Games MOD {{version}} (Unlimited money, medals)
Name World War 2
Version v897
Size 185MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Medals
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Joynow Studio


World War 2: Strategy Games is a unique strategy game. Created and developed by Joynow Studio team. Inspired by the second world war that actually happened in history. So far, there are still many consequences and documents left. Tells about the brutality of war affecting people’s lives all over the world. Join the game to get a more realistic feeling. About the fierceness that the second world war brought to all mankind.

When the player has the opportunity to become a commander. Have full control over the army at will. Take on the task of building a strong and warlike army. Think of ways, come up with specific tactics ready to face any enemy. Help the allies win, write a new page of history.

Download World War 2: Strategy Games Mod – Become a Commander to see the brutality of World War 2

Join World War 2,  players will immediately be brought into the battlefield. Where there are countless skirmishes taking place. And the player will become a commander with the right to control the army. Can lead to participate in combat or build and reinforce more troops. Every decision requires calculation and analysis if you want to win. Players will need to have specific assessments before sending troops. See how much the win rate will be, as well as what points will be effective.

For strategy games, there is no such thing as random work. Especially for war games, the second world war is more careful. One decision can change the whole situation, not just cause damage to your troops. It even involves the results for the whole world. Be the wise and wise commander, victory awaits ahead.

World War 2 Mod

Multiple Missions and Campaigns

Game World War 2: Strategy Mod in addition to building up games for entertainment. The game also wants to give players the most realistic view of the cruelty of World War II. That’s why the developer tries to simulate real battles that exist in history. Up to 78 different campaigns divided into three levels of play. The tasks are countless, typical and the most difficult to do is up to 270. Free for players to try, prove their ability to control their own troops.

When there is only one aim to win every war. Compare forces to come up with tactics. Move tanks, planes, heavy weapons to the appropriate locations. Once ordered to attack, it can cause unexpected effects. Destroy the enemy quickly and reduce the loss to a minimum.

Download World War 2 Mod

Weapons of Destruction

Fighting in war is not simply about guns being equipped for soldiers. Can deal attack damage to enemy troops. World War 2 has many other weapons as well. The power is amazing. All of them were used and very effective in the second world war. It could be called a heavy weapon.

First of all, there are tanks, conventional guns that attack almost no damage. The damage done on the ground must be said to be first class. The second is definitely the plane, armed with a lot of bombs. Dropped from the sky, almost all troops within a certain radius are affected. There are ships, boats and more.

Tai World War 2 Mod

Realistic Battlefield

World War 2: Strategy Games Mod simulates  almost everything in World War 2. From weapons, equipment, equipment to fierce battlefields. Really, the manufacturer doesn’t know how much effort it takes to build. Everything looks too realistic, the terrain is all hills, with trees and grass. Barriers or buildings, bunkers are also reconstructed into the game. The most prominent feature is that war is always devastation caused by bombs. The game also built that. With specific images with dark colors, smoke and fire on the battlefield.

Game World War 2 Mod

World War 2: Strategy Games is built with two essential values ​​in mind. The first is the money, the second is the medal. Can be earned by performing quests or participating in campaigns. When completed will multiply certain rewards. Can be used to buy items or unlock. For the game is the weapon, combat vehicle or army. But it costs a lot, it’s normal to be short. But it can affect the player’s experience. So, here share you the hacked version to solve that problem. Download the game according to the link below to get the mod feature unlimited money and medals.

Interesting things in World War 2: Strategy Games

– More free rewards.
– WW2 . turn-based tactical war game.
– The bridge is destructible and repairable.
– Radar technology to detect enemy forces.
– Various types of army vehicles.
– Various battlefields and missions.
– 3D game graphics and epic sounds.
– Continuous updates, more ww2 modes.

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