World War Heroes MOD 1.43.0 (Menu, Hack Radar, Immortality, Onehit, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Ammo)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/02/2024
World War Heroes MOD 1.43.0 (Menu, Hack Radar, Immortality, Onehit, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Ammo)
Name World War Heroes
Version v1.43.0
Size 1.7GB
MOD Features Menu, Hack Radar, Immortality, Onehit, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Ammo
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers MADFINGER Games


Action games have never been hot, because of their attractiveness and fierceness. World War Heroes is an action game from the publisher MADFINGER. With an extremely interesting gameplay, giving players a different feeling than other games of the same type. This is revolutionizing the worldwide gaming market. The game allows you to play as a captain to order his army to fight. Destroy enemies a lot from there to receive valuable rewards. Along with that, the winning team will receive experience points. The game is a battle between two opposing factions. Fighting for territory between the two factions leads to a war of heroes.

Download World War Heroes Mod – Play as a Soldier to join the fight to protect the territory

The heroes in World War Heroes take you into a dramatic and fierce battlefield. The line between life and death is very narrow forcing the player to make a choice. Be the hero in everyone’s heart when the game is over and win. Or become a criminal ingrained in people’s hearts. This boundary is very short depending on the mindset of each person. Due to the fierceness and drama, players must not act negligently in all situations. Be on high alert, it only takes 1 second to leave the battlefield. Invite more relatives to play together because the game has a team mode. Form a team to fight and regain glory.

World War Heroes Mod

Diverse and rich game modes

World War Heroes Mod brings 6 entertainment modes for players to experience comfortably. There are also 7 unique battle maps. Mode 1: This is a team battle mode that helps players to be more confident because there are teammates. The mode also allows players to invite more friends to fight. Mode 2: Is a survival mode: there is only one life here, and you need to be careful to preserve your life. Try your best to be the last one standing. Mode 3: Also a bomb-laying mode like other games, players can choose to play the role of a bomb-maker or a bomb-destroyer. Each time we participate, it gives us an interesting feeling when placing or defusing bombs.

at World War Heroes Mod

Also in Mode 4 of World War Heroes. This is a custom mode that players set for themselves in a special style. Like creating a room and inviting friends to join the battle. For players who want to be different. Finally mode 5: This is a defensive mode that allows you to focus on defending your lead. It also needs to be smart and strategic enough to control your soldiers into combat.

Advanced Weapons

Weapon systems in World War Heroes Mod are updated at the most advanced level. You can upgrade them even further. As a newcomer to the game, the player is provided with normal weapons such as M4A1, pistols, and many more. If you want a powerful gun and lots of ammo. Need to participate in matches to get chests and gold coins. From there, upgrade the weapon to the highest level, the most powerful to destroy the enemy. Weapons in stock such as M4A1, Ak47, AN 94, Thomson, MG24, MP5, sniper rifle M700, AWM 46, Barret M82A1,… Coming from the US, UK, Germany, and the Soviet Union. The above weapon models are constantly updated and improved. Serving players brings many interesting things.

Game World War Heroes Mod

Quest System

In game World War Heroes, the mission system is very diverse. Always give players a sense of determination to complete the task. From there can get items such as gold, experience, and weapons. They are all important items in destroying enemies. Or can be used to upgrade weapons and buy more equipment. Completing a number of battle requirements each day will earn rewards. After completing the mission, practice to improve your skills. Battles broke out everywhere and were unpredictable. So you must have great skills. Be a smart player and choose the right side to win. Experience the game to learn even more new things.

download World War Heroes Mod

Is an action game with extremely fast combat events in a short time. World War Heroes Mod has been equipped with 3D graphics that bring high-quality graphics. Create sparks from guns, and images of bombs exploding. It is really a great thing that the game can bring. From there, gamers have the most unique and attractive entertainment moments. With maximum support utility, absolute security of player information. Experience the game to see the success in it.

HOT features of World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

  • Operate your own tank.
  • 7 legendary battle zones in World War II.
  • 4 types of American, Soviet, Japanese and German combat equipment.
  • 57 unique weapons: pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more.
  • 6 game modes and Custom Game where you make your own rules.

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