Xeno Command Mod 1.3.15 (Menu, Damage, Unlock)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/03/2024
Xeno Command Mod {{version}} (Menu, Damage, Unlock)
Name Xeno Command
Version v1.3.15
Size 196MB
MOD Features Menu, Damage, Unlock
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers ChillyRoom


Surely players are too bored with online survival games, right? If you want to experience a light and convenient entertainment game, Xeno Command is the choice not to be missed. Is an offline strategy game with tower defense gameplay. It offers players massive battles. Here you have to lead an army of heroes against the alien enemies. Includes long campaigns with hundreds of large and small missions. To complete them, the player needs to be a smart strategist. The job is to coordinate units, and use commands, and skills to destroy different units. In addition, it is necessary to have a reasonable upgrade strategy to constantly increase its strength. Your enemies are getting stronger and stronger. Get ready to immerse yourself in the greatest celestial war in history.

Download Xeno Command Mod – Fight Alien Enemies And Save The Galaxy

Xeno Command is set in a fantasy world. When the planets become the new habitat of mankind. At this time, planets are also observed by space forces. Therefore, humans had to form powerful armies of robots to protect the galaxy. You are one of the heroes who will lead this army. The mission is to fight alien enemies and end the crisis. To do this, gather the most powerful units and weapons to prepare for battle. Before the start of the war, 1 of 4 available favorite heroes can be selected.

Xeno Command Mod game

Various missions

Xeno Command Mod brings rounds that are a bit like classic tower defense games. However, it is more flexible, so the tactical element is also quite diverse. The player’s tasks will be distributed by the system in large campaigns. Each campaign is a long journey on a specific planet. Specific quests need to be completed to be able to permanently unlock new missions and new locations. From there, there is a higher chance of meeting enemies and creating many interesting strategic plans.

Xeno Command Mod

The player’s task on the battlefield of Xeno Command is to gather and arrange units so that they are reasonable. After that, they can be controlled to move freely around the map according to the instructions of the AI ​​virtual assistant. When encountering an enemy or their base, your army will automatically attack. You can support your army with skill cards available in the toolbox. Even after some time, will get 3 kinds of random technology. Each type has certain special abilities and advantages. Only 1 of 3 available technologies can be selected. The player’s decision will change the situation on the battlefield.

Rich mode

Currently, Xeno Command brings more than 4 different campaigns. Each campaign has 3 levels easy to medium and last to hard. Players can choose the level that suits their level. There are also up to 4 heroic factions to choose from at the beginning of the game. Each faction is represented by a hero and consists of unique commands, abilities, buildings, and units. No matter which side you choose, there is always a way to conquer the battlefield. Units come in 5 different types including boots, marines, laser turrets, troops, and supplies. Each type of unit has its own abilities and strengths, it is necessary to come up with the right combination of units to defeat the enemy. In addition, his enemies also have more than 100 different types of creatures. They range from small and agile species to huge bosses. Different strategies are required against each type of enemy.

Xeno Command Mod

Nice design

Xeno Command Mod impressed from the start with its low-quality pixel graphics. It gives the same classic feel as many games from decades ago. However, every detail of the scene is clearly depicted. Thanks to that you can see the shape of every enemy, every unit, and specific combat effects. In addition, the game world in this is also extremely diverse. With visual elements, the battlefield context also changes flexibly through levels and missions. This is what brings the new experience here.

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In short, Xeno Command is a reasonable choice for players to entertain after stressful working hours. It offers players typical defensive campaigns with hundreds of unique missions. Get ready to lead a legion and complete all the missions. Engage in great wars with space forces on countless planets. Drive them out of the beautiful universe and bring us peace.

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