Download Zombie Frontier 4 Mod 1.8.0 (Immortal, One hit, Unlimited Ammo) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 30/01/2024
Zombie Frontier 4 Mod 1.8.0 (Immortal, One hit, Unlimited Ammo)
Name Zombie Frontier 4
Version v1.8.0
Size 324MB
MOD Features Immortal, One hit, Unlimited Ammo
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers FT Games


Zombie Frontier 4 is the fourth version that has been greatly improved. After the success of the previous 3 versions. Created and developed by the FT Games team. Built on the background of the world invaded by countless different types of zombies. A direct threat to human life. Only the way of struggle can save humanity. And players will be a part of that work. The only hope, when transformed into a warrior. With a huge arsenal of weapons to use to participate in the battles to destroy zombies. Show your full level, and try to complete all assigned tasks. Sweep everything, and return peaceful earth where humans rule. No longer subject to the threat of any other creature.

Download Zombie Frontier 4 Mod – Show Your Shooting Ability In Each Battle

Joining game Zombie Frontier 4, the first thing that catches your eye will be the cruelty of the world. When subjected to attack from the undead and zombies. All kinds of infrastructure works were badly destroyed, looking extremely mournful. Humanity is almost completely dead, at most there are only a few people left. A whole modern human civilization was almost wiped out. Can’t wait to see it all end like this. Enter the game to become a warrior. Carrying the hope of all human beings. Challenge yourself to shoot, and fight to save your life. Find like-minded people to form a team. Bring the goal to destroy all zombies around the world, and find a way to prevent the pandemic. Equip guns, and perform the required tasks. Engage in each battlefield, and shoot every enemy in sight.

Download Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Mutant Zombies

The challenge in Zombie Frontier 4 Mod will come from zombies. So the developer is very focused on building these creatures. When created a lot of different species. Take shape as well as many distinctive features. Unlike games of the same genre that are only built in human form. Here animals like dogs are also subjected to terrible mutations. Not to mention the mutation also creates many new types. Has great strength and endurance. Even being shot repeatedly is hard to beat. Unless attacking weak points with high damage. Not to mention there are special zombies that can move very quickly. It is difficult to grasp the direction of movement to attack.

Tai Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Powerful Vein Weapons

The matches that Zombie Frontier 4 creates will be really difficult. Because the enemy is a very scary zombie species, with tremendous power. While each battle the player will have to fight an entire herd. Without careful preparation, it is very difficult to complete the task. The most important thing in combat is the weapon, so the game builds a lot of types. But mainly guns, the ability to cause damage is extremely high. Long-range attacks are very suitable for killing zombies, and animals with the ability to infect. Not to mention the flexibility and ability in real combat. Rifles or submachine guns can discharge bullets at high speed. A powerful close-range Shotgun that can kill nearby enemies with a single shot. As for machine guns or snipers, each has its own advantages. Knowing how to use it properly, the win rate will definitely be very high.

Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Various Battlefields

Diversity is what almost every game is aiming for now. Because players always want a new feeling. Meanwhile, hack Zombie Frontier 4 Mod wishes to create the best conditions for players. So there were many different battlefields created. The vast maps are inspired by many locations. It can be in the city, in the snowy mountains, in the forest, on the beach…and many other places. Extremely diverse, and spoiled for players to explore freely. See how far you go when each battlefield will have completely new zombie species and challenges.

Game Zombie Frontier 4 Mod

Zombie Frontier 4 is built in the action shooting genre. So it’s completely normal to lose your life. But that is not what is desired. Killing all the new targets is a requirement. But to be like that is not easy when the challenge that the game creates is extremely difficult. To increase the win rate the publisher has added some special features. Mod one hit with just one shot can destroy an enemy. While immortality will shield the character from being able to die no matter how much damage it takes from zombies.

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