Blox Fruits MOD 2.614.409 (Menu, Auto Farm, Boss, Client Fluxus, Delta X)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/04/2024
Blox Fruits MOD {{version}} (Menu, Auto Farm, Boss, Client Fluxus, Delta X)
Name Blox Fruits
Version v2.614.409
Size 120MB
MOD Features Menu, Auto Farm, Boss, Client Fluxus, Delta X
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Roblox Corporation


Blox Fruits MOD APK is an exciting action adventure game at sea. Not an official game, but a mini game inside the famous game Roblox. Inspired by the famous Japanese fantasy adventure series “One Piece”. The content of the game is also similar. It is a journey to find treasure of pirate gangs. Clashes between pirate gangs, and raids by the royal navy. You can play as an undefeated warrior, with special skills to dominate the pirate world. Or confront extremely powerful bosses during your journey to explore the ocean and hunt for treasure.

Download Blox Fruits Mod – Adventure like the heroes in the anime movie “One Piece”

Enter the journey to conquer the vast ocean in the game Blox Fruits. Play as all the famous characters in the One Piece series. Unlock all the equipment of those characters, they are extremely diverse. Along with that are many types of devil fruits that you can use to increase the strength of the character you choose. You will be a righteous hero if you fight the bandits and protect the islands. If you want to become a pirate, you will have to run away from the navy. And you also have to compete for treasure with other pirate ships. That is the beginning of a long journey ahead with many dangerous enemies. The same powerful navy army always pursues pirate gangs vigorously.

Download Blox Fruits MOD APK

How to play Blox Fruits for newbies

In the game, there is a powerful item called a devil fruit. And this devil fruit is one of the most important factors that determine your skills and strength. So, based on the following descriptions, choose a powerful fruit that you love. There are three main types of fruits in Blox Fruits Mod: Logia, Paramecia and Zoan. “Logia” allows you to transform into an element such as fire, water or air. “Paramecia” allows you to have special skills such as creating fire, turning into stone or stretching your body. Finally, there is “Zoan”, it can help you transform. Specifically, you can turn yourself into something like a lion, dragon or falcon.

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If you are a new player, your strength is insignificant. So you may need allies, by joining gangs. There are many different gangs, choose one that you feel is suitable. This is a great way to gain teammates. To fight together and hunt for treasure more easily. As a new player, you will need to find EXP, money, and new equipment. One way to get these things is to participate in wars. Fight bosses, fight other players, or fight enemies. There are many different ways to fight in the game Blox Fruits, choose a fight that you enjoy.

Mission and reward system

Doing missions is one of the very basic things in Blox Fruits Mod. Quests will give us a lot of EXP to level up. And a small amount of Beli to buy devil fruit or buy something when accumulating more Beli. The system will offer specific tasks, but it will be different on each island. For example, the system will ask you to fight a group of pirates who are looting people’s property. Or more simply, you just need to buy an item. Every time you go to a new island, new missions will open. Including confrontations with notorious pirate gangs. Or confront the naval fleets approaching the island.

Game Blox Fruits MOD APK

Where are the most Beli missions?

Do you know where the missions with the most Beli in sea 1 2 3 are? That is the final mission of sea 1, which is to destroy the boss. After that, go “farm” at “Prison” to receive an item and a pretty good weapon for new players.

Coming to sea 2 is Bartolomeo’s quest, also known as Bartolo’s Quest or Bartilo. One of the most played missions in the game Blox Fruits. Because after completing each mission, you will receive 50 thousand Beli. But these quests require you to reach level 850. And you will no longer be able to receive Bartolomeo’s quest once you reach level 1500. If your level is too high and you cannot do Bartolomeo’s quest, but still want to ” farm” Beli in sea 2. Then you go to the missions in the “Haunted Ship” portal. Each mission you will earn 12550 Beli. And here there will be a quite necessary ingredient, Ectoplasm, which is only available here.

Finally, map sea 3, to get the most Beli is to destroy the “Beautiful Pirate”. The second is at the “Mansion” gate, but here it doesn’t give us too much EXP to upgrade weapons.

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Many powerful devil fruits

Each devil fruit will have a special power and they are different after you use them. Shown in attributes that will help you create special powers. These are fire fruit, diamond fruit, ice fruit, rubber fruit, darkness fruit… These are some typical examples, there are many other interesting items that will appear in Blox Fruits Mod. You will discover it all during your adventure. By playing the role of famous characters in One Piece. Those are straw hat Luffy, chef Sanji, swordsman Zoro and other members of this pirate gang.

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In the game Blox Fruits there is also a unique weapon system. There are many different types that you can choose from. To change your attack techniques to become more diverse. Each type will have unique shapes and different strength indicators. Changes your attack power in battles. Furthermore, GenZVNmod also shares special MOD versions of this game. Like “auto farm”, auto dropping items, buying items, fast speed, or setting attack mode. All will give you more advantages and become stronger. Helps you easily defeat your opponents and the journey to conquer treasure becomes much more interesting.

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