Minecraft MOD (Menu, Unlock Skins, Immortality, Full Map, Money, Gold, Fast Run, Jump, Fly, Damage, Onehit)

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Minecraft MOD (Menu, Unlock Skins, Immortality, Full Map, Money, Gold, Fast Run, Jump, Fly, Damage, Onehit)
Name Minecraft
Latest Version v1.20.70.25
File capacity 86 MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlock Skins, Immortality, Full Map, Money, Gold, Fast Run, Jump, Fly, Damage, Onehit
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free at GenZVNmod $7.49
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Mojang AB


Minecraft PE is the mobile version of the world famous Minecraft game. The full name is Minecraft Pocket Edition, created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson. Later developed and released by Mojang AB company. The strength of the game is easy to play games on mobile phones anytime, anywhere. You will be able to explore the endless world, build all the works at will. From the simplest houses to magnificent, magnificent castles. Freedom to create architectures built according to your own ideas with cubes. Create unique architectures with a personal impression.

Download Minecraft PE Mod – Build Your Own World In Endless Space

Coming here with us, you will be able to download minecraft pe for free and will have the Mod unlimited money feature, then you will have a lot of money in your hand and can shop as much as you like without having to worry about earning how money. With the huge amount of money available, you can build houses and farms to your liking in the fastest way. The MOD  menu can be toggled, the character editor works with all features unlocked (skins are not saved after exiting the game), or best of all, the MOD is immortal: you won’t get damage when fighting with bad guys or wild animals, cool yet? Download the game to develop the farm and fight against the evil bandits together.

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Attractive gameplay

Minecraft has creative gameplay that does not follow a certain mold. Players will be immersed in the character in a large open world and no specific mission. So you are free to do what you like in that world. When entering the game, you will start with a wild land. It could be plains, hills, or in the jungle… While playing the game, you will encounter a lot of living creatures. As domestic animals are cows, sheep, chickens, … appear during the day. Or at night are wild animals, spiders, … Or another particularly dangerous creature that can appear both day and night is Creeper. Run fast because it might explode

With a day-night cycle in the game usually lasts 20 minutes in real life time. You will have to use your wits and the right tools. To search and collect different materials, to be able to stack everything you want. Just like other survival games, Minecraft PE also forces players to learn everything. From how to eat and how to make, it is possible to survive in this world of many pitfalls and difficulties.

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Housing construction

When entering the game, the first thing you need to do is find a place to hide. Or dig a cave before dark to avoid monster attacks. Then you need to find materials to build a house and other items. Later, when you have earned yourself a large amount of necessary materials, you can build yourself the works you want, like a permanent house, villa, or a magnificent castle .. and farms too, so that we can raise more pets

Develop farms, crops, livestock

The world in Minecraft Mod simulates the real world. So you will be hungry and the next thing to do is look for food. By quickly finding a large area to plant and raise livestock. Or raise pets such as cows, pigs, and chickens to get food to maintain the health bar in the game. You let yourself starve, your health reaches 0 and you have to start from the beginning. In the game indispensable bandits, or wild animals and monsters. They will come to attack, destroy your house, farm and pets. Therefore, the development of weapons is very necessary. But with the diverse weapon system of the game such as knives, swords, axes, crossbows … You can use them as you like to be able to fight the enemy.

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Game modes in Minecraft

Minecraft has 5 game modes, with 2 main game modes: survival and creativity. Survival mode, you are immersed in a large world but full of dangers. Requires you to survive by all means. Innovative game mode, players are provided with energy and possess unlimited resources. Allows players to unleash their own creation in the game. The remaining 3 game modes are less interested in spectator mode. Adventure mode (Adventure) and team mode (Multiplayer). Multiplayer feature of game Minecraft allows many people to play together over a local wifi network.

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You are a creative and adventurous player. Then the Minecraft Mod mobile game was born for you. Download games to your phone, experience and unleash your creativity with the advantage of the MOD versions. Or you love the naturalness of the game, download the original game from GooglePlay.

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