PickCrafter MOD 6.0.11 (Unlimited money, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/03/2024
PickCrafter MOD {{version}} (Unlimited money, Unlocked)
Name PickCrafter
Version v6.0.11
Size 78MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, Unlocked
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Fiveamp


PickCrafter is an interesting free game that is well worth your time to experience. Is a game with new gameplay and many attractive features. The game has been loved and participated by many young people. Become a miner with the most powerful digging hammer in hand. Explore and collect all the resources that are hidden deep underground. The quest to discover gems or find endless sources of gold never ends. This search journey will continue in many different locations. Not just stop at our dear earth. You will be able to explore all the other planets in the galaxy. The place has a lot of interesting things that you need to explore. Promises to bring you interesting gaming experiences.

Download PickCrafter MOD – Underground Mineral Quest

Join PickCrafter so you can become the most skilled underground miner. Role-play the character with the bird’s hammer in hand. Underground resources always bring huge value to people. Look for them to get income and upgrade yourself to become stronger. The mining journey is not so simple, there are many challenges waiting for you ahead. The deeper you go, the more horror monsters you never know. These beasts will disrupt and hinder your work. In order for everything to complete smoothly, the first thing you need to do is destroy all of them first.

PickCrafter Mod

Challenging Gameplay

When participating in game PickCrafter, you will face an extremely difficult journey. The first levels will always be easy for you to adapt to the gameplay. You can mine without any difficulty hindering the work. But gradually the monsters will appear. Their strength will increase gradually after each level that you pass. Huge and powerful monsters will require you to have good special equipment. The items sold in the shop cost from low to high equal to their stats. When you pass all the challenging levels. You can play to new planets with new specials. Planets in the galaxy that we humans have never set foot on.

Game PickCrafter Mod

Interesting Features

PickCrafter Mod has features for you to upgrade and try to perfect. The only source of income comes from what you earn underground. So the more you win, the more money you will have. The equipment with the attack, defense, health .. is waiting for you to come and own. This equipment will help you get victory in the most difficult levels. You must always upgrade yourself every day. To be able to cope with the challenges that are becoming difficult ahead.

Ear PickCrafter Mod

Graphics And Sound Of The Game

PickCrafter is a game with retro graphics with classic features. Not too beautiful in terms of images, what the publisher pays more attention to is the plot. The 2D graphics with pixels are intentionally made, to match the gameplay of the game. The title resembles the newly developed retro game genres. Gives us a sense of familiarity and reminiscence to these images. The sound is also very classic and minimalistic. Together, we have brought an interesting game for you to experience.

Download PickCrafter Mod

You will own extremely useful features, helping you a lot in the PickCrafter version. To be able to shop for his character the equipment with the biggest stats. You will need to accumulate a small amount of money. But now when you join this version of the game, you will own an unlimited amount of money. All the coolest and most powerful things in the shop will be yours from the moment you join. It doesn’t take much effort and effort to accumulate hard money. Monsters will now become weak to you. Become the strongest and easily overcome all the challenges of the game. Nothing can stop you from participating in this version of the game.

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