Zombie Tsunami Mod 4.5.133 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/05/2024
Zombie Tsunami Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Zombie Tsunami
Version v4.5.133
Size 68MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Mobigame S.A.R.L


Zombie Tsunami is a hands-free entertainment game that has reached the top of the most popular games of all time. On par with famous games such as ubuntu surfer, temple run… But still creating a unique attraction of the game. Become zombies that devour ordinary people to increase the monster population. You will be captivated by this easy but addictive gameplay.

Is a long-standing game, released to users since 2012. Being the leader in the field of hands-free entertainment with highly addictive nature. The game has received a positive response among gamers. With tens of millions of downloads worldwide. You will be swept away by the flow of these zombies when participating in the game.

Zombie Tsunami Mod – Become Killer Zombies

In Zombie Tsunami you will play the role of becoming zombies. But the shape is not too scary. They seem to be quite cute with funny poses. Go eat the humans that appear on the road to turn them into your own kind. You need to overcome all the obstacles on this long road. The sections of the road are cut off where you need to jump just enough to not be too redundant or too weak.

The means of transportation are on the way, but you need a certain number of people. Or jump over early so you don’t get stuck. The game only uses a single operation that you need to do is to hold down the screen. Hold for a certain amount of time equal to the bounce of zombies and release your hand to let them start jumping.

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Hunting Humans

On the path that your zombies go through in the game Zombie Tsunami . There will be scattered humans that you can bite and infect. To increase the number of his zombies. Because every time you encounter an obstacle, you may lose some members of your zombie squad. So constantly increasing teammates is something you always have to take advantage of. There will be a number of people in the crashed cars on your way.

But to be able to destroy the vehicle, it is also necessary to have a certain number of zombies. That’s also why you don’t miss out on people who can be eaten along the way. But sometimes you also have to know how to give up, because the pitfalls are many around. Eating a person sometimes will have to trade for a large number of team members.

Game Zombie Tsunami Mod

Beautiful Effects

There will be different effects when you eat in-game in Zombie Tsunami. For example, your zombies turn into solid gold. The whole body is plated with gold so it can penetrate all obstacles. Or ride the tsunami and overcome all the cracks of the path. Along with other interesting effects are waiting for you to discover. The zombies also have their own costumes to become more eye-catching. These skins you will need an amount of money to own in the game store. Accumulate coins when you complete missions and pick them up as they drop along the way.

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Game Graphics

Zombie Tsunami uses 2D graphics, bringing a distinct style. Not too picky and unique by the graphics of the game. But very suitable for the style of gameplay. Bring a little bit of retro visual bias mixed with modern. The zombies are made not scary at all. Instead, there were quite silly and cute faces. The scene on the way you go is also constantly changing with different effects. The sound system with fun effects, combined with the image of the game has given us a great entertainment game.

Zombie Tsunami Mod

You will own extremely interesting features when joining the version in Zombie Tsunami. Own an unlimited amount of money so you can freely shop for everything in the store. The costumes of zombies in the store always carry an uncomfortable price. Requires you to actively pick up the coins that you play for a long time. This Mod version will make you satisfied when you can shop for everything. No need to wait to get what you want. You will own it all very easily. Bring you a more fun experience when participating in the game.

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